[Completed] 25SEP22 Fabulous Sacramento Flyout

Welcome to Sacramento! The capital city of California and with a very big history. Let’s go on down to the California Railroad museum and see how the West was won with these MASSIVE locomotives. Maybe we’ll take a cruise in down the river and watch the sunset?! There’s also the Sacramento Zoo home to over 400 different species! Come join me (@RagonDragon) @United403 and last but certainly not least @Butter575 for a Fabulous Sacramento Flyout!

A Terminal

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A01 Delta B739 Minneapolis
A02 Delta E175 Seattle
A03 Delta 737-900 Atlanta
A04 Delta A220 Salt Lake city
A05 Delta A220 Los Angeles @Chris_Hansen
A10 American A321 Dallas-Ft Worth
A11 American A321 Phoenix
A12 American B738 Charlotte
A14 United 737-800 Denver @EAviation
A15 United 737-900 Chicago
A16 United 737-800 Los Angeles
A17 Air Canada CRJ9 Vancouver @AirCanada11

B Terminal

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B04 Volaris A319 Guadalajara @the_abducted_prince
B05 Hawaiian A330-300 Honolulu
B06 JetBlue A321 New York-JFK
B07 Alaska 737-900 Seattle
B08 Alaska A320 Portland
B09 Alaska E175 San Diego
B10 Frontier A320 Las Vegas
B11 Spirit A320 Las Vegas @Ken_wei
B12 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
B13 Southwest 737-700 Boise @Avaitor1
B14 Southwest 737-700 San Diego @flyin_hawaiian
B15 Southwest 737-700 Austin Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
B16 Southwest 737-800 Dallas-Love @AmericanB772
B17 Southwest 737-700 Los Angeles @Butter575
B18 Southwest 737-800 Seattle Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
B19 Southwest 737-700 Portland Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
B20 Southwest 737-700 Santa Barbara @Jason_hege
B21 Southwest 737-700 Spokane @United403
B22 Southwest 737-800 Denver Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual
B23 Southwest 737-800 Phoenix Reserved for @SouthwestVirtual








Hope to see you there!

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I’ll first take tower and ground please


Can I have this please
B16 Southwest 737-800 Dallas-Love

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And will take this route as well

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I’ll take this one please

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This please

If @Avaitor1 takes tower, I’ll take ground

May I take this please


@Butter575 @United403 Your signed up!

@United403 @Avaitor1 Alright sounds good

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Yep! Great route choice!


Take me off tower sorry I just realized I can’t fly and do tower my bad

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Am I signed up?

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Yep got you thanks for coming!

Ok sure good choice 😂

Did you add me on Tower+Ground

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Yep got you too


Thank you sorry I thought you forgot about me, lol!

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Let’s get some more signups!

Nah i would never