(COMPLETED)25SEP2022/1200Z/zykejohn09's Birthday Event (Repost)

You can’t add the atc needed option if on casual

Yup unfortunately

Sure Signed up

South Korea and China is available


Can I fly from Jeddah to Shenzhen and then I’ll go to Jeju Island with Air China

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OK Accepted


@IF_Hadi @Balacachini @Aiden_Forusz your departure airport it will be Jeddah spawn your gates if you want

Thank you!

Good News!

2 Days to go it’s my birthday and the event will started and tap Going or Interested and Not going if you want!

Thank you😊

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I am so so Sorry that I can’t come but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎉🎂🎁

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Good News!!

Tommorow it’s my birthday and our event will started in 6:00PM Please get your flight and your routes!

Thank you😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

Look here is some balloons in my bed👀

May I switch to this please
Gate A15. Emirates. 777-300ER. Dubai

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OK sure of course bro


Is your birthday on the 25th? It’s mine too!

Happy Birthday🥳, sadly I can’t make it :(

Yes it’s my birthday

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It’s OK but Thank you to celebrate to my birthday


It’s my Birthday today and event is about to start please sign up now upon until 11pm at PH Standard Time

Please Sign up now because the event is about to start

@Generic_Flyer Happy Birthday Too!

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Happy birthday!