(COMPLETED)25SEP2022/1200Z/zykejohn09's Birthday Event (Repost)

Hi Guys Welcome to my Birthday Event we Departure from Jeddah Airport And Hanoi Airport to your destination I hope you are appreciated to my Birthday!


Casual Server

King Abdulaziz International Airport Gates
Terminal 1 Gates Aircraft Destination
Gate A1 Saudia. 777-300ER. Istanbul

Gate A2 Saudia. 787-8. Manila

Gate A3 Garuda. 777-300ER. Jakarta

Gate A4 Saudia. A319. Yanbu

Gate A5 Saudia. A330. Dubai @AirCanada11

Gate A6 FlyDubai. 737-800. Dubai @Yash_Prabhu

Gate A7 Saudia. A319. Dammam

Gate A8 Saudia. A319. Damascus

Gate A9 Saudia. A319. Beirut

Gate A10 PAL. 777-300ER. Manila

Gate A11 PAL. A350. Manila

Gate A12. Iraqi. A220. Baghdad @zykejohn09

Gate A13. Oman Air. A330. Muscat @Pilot_Fish123

Gate A14. Turkish. A330. Istanbul

Gate A15. Emirates. 777-300ER. Dubai @AmericanB772

Gate A16. British. 747-400. Mumbai

Gate A17. British. 787-9. Delhi

Hanoi International Airport Gates
International Terminal Aircraft Destination
Gate 20 Vietjet A321. Taipei

Gate 21 Vietjet. A321. Bangkok

Gate 22 Vietjet. A321. Phuket

Gate 23 Vietjet. A321. Manila

Gate 27 Vietjet. A321. Singapore

Gate 28 Vietnam Air. A350. New York

Gate 29 Vietnam Air. A350. Tokyo

Gate 30. Vietnam Air. A350. London

Gate 31. Vietnam Air. A321. Phuket

Gate 32. Vietnam Air. A321. Taipei

Gate 33. Cebu Pacific A321. Boracay

Gate 34. Cebu Pacific. A321. Cebu

Gate 35. Vietnam Air. A321. Bacolod

Gate 36. Alitalia. B777. Rome


Unicom is only in Casual Server

Aiden_Forusz's Flight

Airport. Aircraft. Livery. Destination
Jeddah. A350. China East. Beijing
Beijing. A350. China East. Jeju

IF_HADI's Flight

Airport. Aircraft. Livery. Destination
Jeddah B777. China Air. Taipei

Balacachini's Flight

Airport. Aircraft. Livery. Destination
Jeddah. B777. Air China Beijing

I wish you all appreciated in my birthday and join to our event!

Thank you!

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This is the Repost my post is very bad

What do you mean?

This please

What server is this gonna be on?

Can I fly China airlines to Taipei please?


Happy Birthday! I’ll fly to Beijing with Air China!


Sure bro you signed up

Thank you @Balacachini and you will take your flight too and I will fly too

@AirCanada11 @Balacachini @IF_Hadi you now signed up

Aircraft of China Airlines?

Aircraft of Air China?

Casual Server Bro

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Well they did say that…

What are you doing for me?

Happy birthday! May I have this please?
Gate A8 Saudia. A319. Damascus

Hi! Are there any other flights to China that I can take? I’d love to represent China during my flight for your event. It’s beautiful to fly to / from. If not, is South Korea available?


I’m sorry I will never fly CS again too unprofessional.


wait this is on casual server?

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Just some advice, you should put this on training or expert to make this more attractive