[COMPLETED] 23JAN22 / 1800Z - New Year, New City: Welcome to Cordoba @ SACO

Have you ever visited “La Sierra de Córdoba” in Argentina, at least on summer? Have you ever wanted to experience traffic on a small airport, but which has a lot of importance in the country? Have you ever made an international flight using Cordoba instead of Buenos Aires-Ezeiza? No? Ok, then this is the right place: Welcome everyone to the beautiful city of Córdoba, capital of the state of Córdoba, in Argentina. This beautiful city is very well known for it’s historical downtown, it’s University - Being the second biggest after Buenos Aires, and “many historical monuments preserved from Spanish colonial rule, especially buildings of the Catholic Church”. It also has the famous “Kempes” stadium, in honor of the former football player and actual commentator Mario Alberto Kempes.

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Cordoba is the second biggest city in terms of population, just after Buenos Aires (2010), and it has 3rd most busiest airport in Argentina, just behind Ezeiza and Aeroparque. But Cordoba’s airport is actually small, with a good amount of gates and destinations to offer, and with an interesting layout: why not doing some traffic by doing a fly out? Then join us on the very first community event in Córdoba!


  • Location: Córdoba, Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella - IATA: COR - OACI: SACO
  • When: Fly-Out 2022-01-23T18:00:00Z
  • Server: Expert
  • ATC: TBD


Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Pilot
01 American B763 Miami KMIA 8:10h
02 LATAM A320 Santiago SCEL 1:15h @Deltadev13
03 GOL B738 Rio de Janeiro-Galeao SBGL 2:50h
04 Copa Airlines B738 Panama-Tocumen MPTO 6:10h
07A Air Europa B789 Asunción SGAS SACO-SGAS: 1:25h
→ Madrid LEMD SGAS-LEMD: 10:05h @HUMVEE
08 Aerolíneas Argentinas E190 (Generic Livery) Mendoza SAME 0:55h
09 Aerolíneas Argentinas VA E190 Ushuaia SAWH 3:25h Reserved
10 Aerolíneas Argentinas VA E190 Ushuaia SAWH 3:25h Reserved
11 Aerolíneas Argentinas VA E190 Ushuaia SAWH 3:25h Reserved
12 Aerolíneas Argentinas VA E190 Ushuaia SAWH 3:25h Reserved
13 Aerolíneas Argentinas VA E190 Ushuaia SAWH 3:25h Reserved
14 Aerolíneas Argentinas VA E190 Ushuaia SAWH 3:25h Reserved
15 Aerolíneas Argentinas B738 Buenos Aires-Aeroparque SABE 1:00h @JetSuperior5192
23A DHL B77F Punta Cana MDPC 6:50h
25 LATAM A320 Lima SPJC 3:30h @tjb0709
26 Aerolíneas Argentinas E190 (Generic Livery) Mar de Plata SAZM 1:20h

General Aviation Gates

If you want one let me know the following: Aircraft, destination/VFR/pattern work. Max aircraft allowed is the Cessna Citation X.

Stand Pilot Destination VFR Pattern Work
18 @Kansas_Scotty Santa Rosa de Conlara (SAOS)


Controller Frequency
@ Ground
@ Tower
Available CORDOBA Center


  1. Respect every pilot during the event
  2. Special awareness will be required due to the layout of this airport
  3. Follow all instructions by ATC. If ATC is not available, use UNICOM correctly.
  4. Distance between depatures will be minumum 5nm.
  5. More details will be sent at least an hour before the event, in a PM that will be created 3h before depature.
  6. Signups will close 30 min before depature.
  7. I’m not responsible of any violations or reports you may recieve.
  8. A second wave will be added in case the event gets filled fast.
  9. Enjoy Córdoba :)

Event sponsored by: Aerolíneas Argentinas VA.

Feel free to check out it’s thread!


25 LATAM A320 Lima SPJC 3:30h

Couldn’t quite get the quote to paste it here but you get my idea thanks @JetSuperior5192
Trust you are well 😎

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No, I don’t get it. I didn’t understand that I already signed you up ;)

See you on 22nd!

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Fun Fact:

Even the Cordoba university is the second biggest after Buenos Aires, it’s actually the very first university made in Argentina. It happened in 1613, when the Jesuits settled in the city to create “Universidad Nacional de Córdoba”.

Want to grab a gate? Make sure to signup before it gets late!


@JSRibs28 will be Tower and Ground controller for the event!

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Let’s get more signups for COR!!!

10 days to go!

¡Quiero este vuelo, por favor!


Finally, someone signed up!

Gate 2 is yours! Enjoy y gracias por venir :D

One week to go!

Let’s get more people to COR!

5 days to go!

Get a gate before it’s too late…


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No one else???

Event in less than 20 hours!!!


due to lack of attendance, and (mostly) the fact that some of the airports are in the schedule tomorrow, I decided to move the event for tomorrow, at the same time (23/JAN - 1700Z).

Get your gates now!

Hi , i would like to take this one but which airline!


this is actually COR-MAD, but with a stop-over in Asunción. The Airline is Air Europa.

To explain it better:

Gate 07A, Air Europa B789, COR-ASU-MAD (SACO-SGAS-LEMD). Flight times:

  1. COR-ASU: 1:25h
  2. ASU-MAD: 10:05h

Do you still want this flight?

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If this event is still going on, Please give me one of the GA stands. Flying a C-208 to Santa Rosa de Conlara (SAOS).
Kansas_Scotty N145FP.

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Yes, still going on. I’ll add you shortly :D

Added you! Thanks for coming :)

Looks interesting a will take it

Yes i will

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