[Completed] 22JAN22 / 1900Z - TAP Air Portugal Virtual presents: Flying through the CPL Countries I @FNLU

I am grateful for the opportunity!

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I’ll have this gate!

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Great! And it’s yours!!! Thanks for joining us mate!!! :D

J Barroso

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Sorry, I won’t be able to join in because I have to go somewhere tomorrow early in the morning :(

We'd like to say thanks to everyone who attended (and the ones who couldn't) to our first of event series and we are looking forward to fly with again in our 2nd event. We'll leave you with some screenshots about the event!

Fly in timetable

Luanda, 4 de fevereiro airport

Upcoming scheduled arrivals (last departure)

Pilot Dep. Airport A/C Airline Dep. Time (in Zulu) Status
@nOthing2seehere LFPG B77W Air France 10:30 Departed at 7:36
Landed: 18:57
On Time
@SunDown EBBR A333 Brussels Airlines 10:20 Canceled
@MiglMicheal EDDF A333 Lufthansa 10:55 Canceled
@MikaL LPPT A339 TAP Air Portugal 11:20 Departed at 11:23
Landed: 18:53
On Time
@YEGGOAT OMDB B77W Emirates 11:45 Canceled
@flybarroso LPPT B772 TAAG Angola Airlines 12:30 Departed 12:20
Landed: 19:22
@Finnishboy HAAB A359 Ethiopian Airlines 14:20 Departed 14:20
Landed: 18:48
On Time
@Lotus FAOR A333 South African Airways 15:50 Departed 15:58
Landed: 18:55
On Time
@Ritesh321 FCBB Q400 TAAG Angola Airlines 17:10 Canceled
@Marcos_Nascimento FNCT B737 TAAG Angola Airlines 17:25 Departed 18:17
Landed: 19:14
On Time
@TIGER_ANI FNUB B737 TAAG Angola Airlines 17:20 Canceled
@elisua FNCA B737 TAAG Angola Airlines 17:45 Canceled

Timetable for:

22JAN22 / 1900Z - TAP Air Portugal Virtual presents: Flying through the CPL Countries I @FNLU

TAP Air Portugal VA Events


Nah bro it was delayed, it needs to be delayed its TAAG.

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I don’t even remember what time was when I landed but was way later I believe 🤣

J Barroso - CEO of TAP Air Portugal VA

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It was XX:22 i think.

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Ah yeee that’s! Corrected!!!

I departed early and landed on time lol. I only had to do a crazy circle over Sao Tome!

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