[Completed - 22 attending] Voyages From Brussels @EBBR 041800ZAUG19

No there is a stop at LFPG. It’s HOP

I’m from Rennes so I think I know the flights 😂

Oh… that’s what you meant ok gotcha

I’ll take a gate to CYUL in the AC A333.

Ok you have gate 211L

@HugoMorand_Airfrance you have gate 142

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First day with 8 sign ups!
Higher than last time

Wouldn’t you stop at Orly? I’ve been through France and French airports myself

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I would like an outbound flight to Nice/Côte d’Azur
EasyJet, any gate is fine.

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You have gate 144

Update the forum a little bit :)

Might make a promotion movie for this event

I would like to take United Airlines B772 to Chicago

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You have gate 214

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Can we hit 12?

SAS Boeing 737-800 to Tromsø, ENTC, it is a real life route being operated by SAS ;)

Also the airport name is Tromsø Lagnes

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You have gate 145L

Really wish someone flew the ANA route to Narita… I personally might fly to Bangkok or Hong Kong

If Brussels VA is approved I might fly to the US

Can we hit 15 today

Looks like we arent

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And you said mine was gonna overtake… RIP. I still have 5 people…

Wait dammit I just gave your post more attention by replying to it.

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Are you interested in joining lol?