[Completed - 22 attending] Voyages From Brussels @EBBR 041800ZAUG19

Can we get more attendees???

I feel like this thread is missing something…

Should I add a featured route?

Please sign up

This event is in more than a month, some people can’t plan a flight that will take place in a month. Give it some time.

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Happy July 4th!

It’s also one month away before the event. Please signup!

I am hoping for more than 25 attendees to beat my last record.

I’m also hosting another event: {1 attending} A Day at Kaohsiung @RCKH 261900ZJUL19

I’d like a gate to Bologna with brussel airlines.

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You have gate 147. See you there!!

Can we hit 25 attendees?..

Last time we hit 26. Please?

Would appreciate if you sign up ;)

Please join, only 24 days left

I’m so happy i found this event !

Can i have please the Brussels - Doha route?
I actually travel this route 2 times every year :)

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Hey, can I get the remote 122 for a flight from Brussels to Bordeaux with Brussels Airlines ? :)

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Wow, two at once? Sure of course

@NH-77 you have gate 233L
@Alex_Kraz_2 you have the exact request
@DhruvChopra I moved you to gate 230L


I wish there are ATC at our arrival airport :)

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During the event, will there a ATC at Brussels ? 😀

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It’s on Expert, so I don’t think so. IFATC can’t choose the airports they want to open. Keep an eye on the schedule, and maybe EBBR will be featured.


@Captain_George_IF @Alex_Kraz_2

I could try asking Tyler, sometimes it works.

You can always try… Make sure to have some good arguments why EBBR should be featured.


I might try to get ifatc