[COMPLETED] 21MAR21 / 1600Z - The Bayside Flyout! @ KSAN

Hey all! Welcome to My very first event with thread help from @DeltaFox! this event is hosted by Me and @DeltaFox!

Event Info

Server Expert
Date and Time 2021-03-21T16:00:00Z
Note: Please spawn 15 minutes before the event starts and pushback 5 min after
the event starts.
We will be using RWY 27
Please listen to @Nightt and @DeltaFox at all times in the event

Airport Info

**San Diego International Airport formerly known as Lindbergh Field , is an international airport 3 mi (4.8 km) northwest of Downtown San Diego, California, United States. It is owned and operated by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.[5][6] The airport covers 663 acres (268 ha) of land.[5] While primarily serving domestic traffic, San Diego has nonstop international flights to destinations in Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.[7]

San Diego International Airport is the busiest single-runway airport in the world.[a][8] The airport’s landing approach is well known for its close proximity to the skyscrapers of Downtown San Diego,[9] and can sometimes prove difficult to pilots for the relatively short usable landing area, steep descent angle over the crest of Banker’s Hill, and shifting wind currents just before landing.[10][11] San Diego International operates in controlled airspace served by the Southern California TRACON, which is some of the busiest airspace in the world.[12]
San Diego International Airport - Wikipedia


Terminal 1

Terminal 1

11 Gates left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Southwest 737-700 Oakland KOAK 1A
Southwest 737-700 San Francisco KSFO 1
Southwest 737-800 Chicago-Midway KMDW 2 @Deltadev13
Southwest 737-800 San Jose KSJC 3
Southwest 737-800 Baltimore KBWI 4 @PilotPeanutButter
Southwest 737-700 Phoenix KPHX 5
Southwest 737-700 Sacramento KSMF 6 @Lachlanavitor
Southwest 737-700 Denver KDEN 7
Southwest 737-800 Honolulu PHNL 8
Southwest 737-700 Houston-Hobby KHOU 9
Southwest 737-700 Dallas KDAL 10
Allegiant A320 Las Vegas KLAS 11
Spirit A321 Las Vegas KLAS 12
JetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale KFLL 13 @CaptainZac
JetBlue A321 Newark KEWR 14 @Nightt
JetBlue A321 Boston KBOS 15 @ToasterStroodie
JetBlue A321 John F Kennedy KJFK 16
Frontier A320 Denver KDEN 17 @zand3r
Frontier A320 Las Vegas KLAS 18 @tunamkol
Terminal 2

Terminal 2

20 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Alaska 737-900 Seattle KSEA 20 @AIFC
Alaska A320 Spokane KGEG 21 @Johhhn
Alaska 737-900 Honolulu PHNL 22
Alaska 737-800 Portland KPDX 23
Alaska 737-700 Boise KBOI 24
Alaska A320 San Francisco KSFO 25
Alaska 737-900 Fort Lauderdale KFLL 26 @Butter1
Alaska 737-800 Salt Lake City KSLC 27
Alaska 737-900 San Jose Del Cabo MMSD 28 @DeltaFox
American A321 Charlotte KCLT 29
American A321 Philadelphia KPHL 30
American 737-800 Chicago KORD 31
American A320 Phoenix KPHX 32
Delta 737-800 Salt Lake City KSLC 33
Delta 737-900 Seattle KSEA 34
Delta A321 Atlanta KATL 35
Delta A321 Minneapolis KMSP 36
Delta A321 Detroit KDTW 37
United 737-900 Newark KEWR 38
United CRJ-200 Los Angeles KLAX 39
United 737-800 Denver KDEN 40
United 737-900 Houston KIAH 41
United 737-800 Washington-Dulles KIAD 42
United 737-900 Chicago KORD 43
Hawaiian 767-300 Kahului PHOG 44
Lufthansa A340 Frankfurt EDDF 45 @Rolls
Hawaiian 767-300 Honolulu PHNL 46
Japan Airlines 787-9 Tokyo RJTT 47 @Jukker
British Airways 777-300ER London EGLL 48
Air Canada A321 Toronto CYYZ 49
Air Canada Rouge A319 Vancouver CYVR 50 @Captain_T_Malone
WestJet 737-700 Calgary CYYC 51 @MJP_27

4 gates left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
FedEx MD-11F Memphis KMEM Cargo Ramp 1
FedEx MD-11F Indianapolis KIND Cargo Ramp 2
FedEx MD-11F Oakland KOAK Cargo Ramp 3
FedEx MD-11F Fort Worth Alliance KAFW Cargo Ramp 4
Remote Gates

8 Gates Left
please request a realistic gate here

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Island Ramp 1
Island Ramp 2
Island Ramp 3
Island Ramp 4
Island Ramp 5
East Ramp 1
East Ramp 2
East Ramp 3


10 Gates Left

Gate Aircraft Route ICAO Pilot
Ramp GA 1
Ramp GA 2
Ramp GA 3
Ramp GA 4
Ramp GA 5
Ramp GA 6
Ramp GA 7
Ramp GA 8
Ramp GA 9
Ramp GA 10

We will add more if Needed!

Thanks for coming to our event! PM @Nightt or @DeltaFox if you have any questions or comment in the thread!

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I would like to get this one pls
I also an A-List Preferred with SWVA @Nightt

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Can I have this pls

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Can I take SWA to KPHX and can I please change it to a 737 700


@SWA1997 @Ahmed1 and @M_Billy @Nightt will be adding you guys soon thank you all for joining!


Thank you DeltaFix

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Thanks Delta

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Thank you 😊

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You guys are welcome! enjoy our event!

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Hey everyone! i had some issues making the post for the event but I fixed it!

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Can I have this gate

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Is it on training or expert

A. expert, B. gate 5 was just taken by someone else before you, so possible double negative.

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I’ll have this, but may I change it to the A320?


yup! @Nightt will add you soon!

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No More JetBlue Gates!


were apparently burning out quick but you can always request a route in remote gates if you wanna fly blue for the event!

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This gate has been taken, do you have any other Gates in mind?

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Is this 10am EST?

If not, I would use the time converter feature that Discord has

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he lives PST I think idk why it changed it was originally this 2021-03-27T17:00:00Z