[COMPLETED] 21% Full (21 People Attending) - Realistic Portland Flyout @ KPDX - 221600ZSEP18

@Sebastian9915, @anon67310022, @AlaskaAirfireball111 you guys can choose between different aircraft. Do you have a specific choice or are you guys undecided? @Rodrigo_Villalobos, @Kevinsoto1502, @Shadow87645 what will your call signs be?

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I might be an ASA A320.

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I’ll be using call sign “Delta 407”

Jetblue A320 ill look for a callsign shortly :)

Sign me up for this event, thanks :)

Oh and my Callsign will be: Southwest 3815

I mean I’ll use “Delta 2654”

Looks very fun as Portland is my closest class Bravo airspace but I can’t make it. Maybe next time!

Is there a Southwest PDX-SJC route?

Yes I can add you- what gate and call sign would you like?

FedEx 1 please. MAC8

Southwest 5806. Idk what gate offers Southwest PDX-SJC

I’ll take A1! ABQ for the win!

@Boeing797 I have a new call sign: DYLAN-M

Hey, I’d like to change from Gate D11 to C7 PDX-LAX 739
Callsign: SVA243
Thanks 🙏🏻

I’m going to be a 737-900

Take me off the list something is going on

Event is 2 weeks away!

Gate C14, Southwest B737 to KMCI. BOE-ING

You’re in. Thanks for attending.

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@Boeing797 the flight # for my route will be JBU1121