[COMPLETED] 20SEP21/0700Z The Great Los Angeles Flyout! @KLAX

I think everyone here knows LA. The city with helipads one every building. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Orange County. Everyone knows LA and everything surrounding it. Every avgeek definitely knows KLAX! One of the most popular airports in the world and one of the best! Being a hub for all 3 major US airlines and having most us airlines fly there. It’s a gateway to the world! Did you know that lax serves 6 out of seven continents! Even the famous in n out plane spotting location is 3D! I thought it would be fun to have a fly out/In event at KLAX! Have fun!

Server: Expert

Airport: Los Angeles international:KLAX

Time:0700Z 2021-09-20T07:00:00Z


Tom Bradley international terminal:
122:ANA ANA105 KLAX-RJTT|B777-300er
150:Swiss LX41 KLAX-LSZH|B777-300ER @Joseon
130:Qantas QF16 KLAX-YBBN|B787-9
131:Qantas QF96 KLAX-YMML|B787-9
132:Qantas QF11 KLAX-YSSY|B787-9
133:British airways BA268 KLAX-EGLL|B777-300ER
134:Air China CA6264 KLAX-ZBAA|B787-9
135:Aeroflot SU107 KLAX-UUEE|B777-300ER
148:KLM KL602 KLAX-EHAM|B777-300er
155Air New Zealand NZ1001 KLAX-NZAA|B787-9
157:Korean air KE12 KLAX-RKSI|B777-300er @Flyingshib
159:Aeromexico AM1718 KLAX-MMMX|B787-8 @CMR
153:Qantas QF11 KLAX-KJFK|B787-9

Terminal 1

9:Southwest WN4934 KLAX-KHOU|B737-800 @SWA1997

Terminal 3:


30:Delta DL41 KLAX-YSSY|A350-900
31:Delta DL631 KLAX-MMMX|B757-200 @AndrewGraham
32:Delta DL1072 KLAX-KTPA|B737-800
33:Delta DL554 KLAX-KJFK|B757-200
34:Delta DL319 KLAX-KBOS|B757-200
35:Delta DL650 KLAX-KATL|A330-900
36:Delta DL1099 KLAX-KMSP|B737-900
37:Delta DL665 KLAX-KBNA|B737-800
38:Delta DL342 KLAX-KDCA|B737-800
39:Delta DL1162 KLAX-KRDU|

Terminal 4:


40:American AA73 KLAX-YSSY|B787-9
41:American AA1405 KLAX-KDFW|B787-9 @Captain_Yousef
42:American AA1 KLAX-KJFK|A321
43:American AA1075 KLAX-KBOS|A321

Terminal 4 arrival gates

44:American AA367 KPHX-KLAX|A320
45:American AA1061 KMIA-KLAX|B777-200
46:American AA1802 KSLC-KLAX|A321
47:American AA1331 KDFW-KLAX|A321
48:American AA669 KORD-KLAX|B738
49:American AA2 KJFK-KLAX|A321

Terminal 7 gates:
70:UA1850 KLAX-MHLM|B737-800
74:UA839 KLAX-YSSY| B787-9
75:UA1699 KLAX-KIAD|B787-10

Here is a terminal map with gate numbers for reference.


Spawn 25 minutes in advance
Follow ALL atc rules
ALL atc rules And commands override flight plan.
I am not responsible for any atc given or automatic violations.
Have fun!

Atc list
KLAX tower: @AviationChampion
KLAX Ground: @AviationChampion
KLAX atis: @AviationChampion
KLAX approach:optional
KLAX departure:optional

Please reply with your gate and I will slot you in.

I hope everyone has a great flight! Happy flying!


Wow! Amazing event!

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Thank you!

It actually took me the whole day to create it. And get all the flight number info and dotting it all down lol so I have been working on it for 8 hours


I think I can join this event! I would like to fly Korean Air 77W to Seoul Incheon. Can you add a gate for this flight and sign me up for this event? It would be great if you add a gate in Tom Bradely terminal for this flight. Your hard work is appreciated!

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Sure thing! Thank you very much!

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@Flyingshib here you go! Thank you so so much for joining happy flying!

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This will be my flight. It is because I recently flew back to Australia real life and saw this flight so I thought it would be interesting

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Attention I will send all attendees a pm 1 hr before event to give them a final information and briefing. Thank you

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If anyone would like to invite anyone feel free to do we can have the most people here as possible

Il take DL631 to MMMX please.

Would love to fly this route.

Sign me up for KLAX-KHOU Southwest at Cate 9 terminal 1 pls

@Joseon here is your route. Thank you for joining! Happy flying!

@SWA1997 here is your gate. Thank you for joining Happy flying!!

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@AndrewGraham here is your gate thank you for joining happy flying!!

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Thanks so much

Anytime! Thank you!

If anyone else would like to reserve a gate. Please comment on this post soon. Less than 24 hours to go!

This is my new route everyone!

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