[COMPLETED] 20/21MAR21 / 1600Z - Thunder Over The Bay Airshow @KSUU

Thanks to @Butter_Boi for Editing the Banner

We will be having a very exciting airshow at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California. We will have live music and a huge amount of performances!

Server: Casual Server
Location: Travis Air Force Base (KSUU)
Date & Time: 2021-03-20T15:00:00Z & 2021-03-21T15:00:00Z

If you are interested in watching the airshow please join the Discord Server linked below, as there is important information and there will also
be live music during each display.

(Saturday and Sunday)

Time Aircraft Performance Name Performer
1600Z Spitfire Back to the Old Days @MJP_27 & @Aviation108
1615Z TBM-930 TBM-930 Aerobatics Demo @nativetoalaska
1625Z F-14 F-14 Display @bbrockairbus
1635Z XCub XCub Aerobatic @Nate_Schneller
1710Z 737 Southwest Airlines Demo @Mr_Young
1720Z C17 C17 Display @Colderco
1730Z F-22 Virtual Raptor Demo Team @Nate_Schneller
Performers Please Read!

The image below shows the No Fly Zone, the 500ft line (green) and the 1000ft line (blue). Use caution for terrain to the Northwest and South of the airfield. Thanks!

More Slots Can Be Added If Needed

Anyone else that would like to perform please send me a PM.

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I think @DeltaMD88Fan leads Viper Demo. 😉


Thanks! I will change it

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Looks great buddy

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hey good event! but you have to @ the airport in the title as

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Thanks @DeltaFox I almost forgot

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Thanks @Steven_Tellmann

Time Aircraft Performance Name Performer
1715Z TBM-930 TBM-930 Aerobatics Demo @nativetoalaska
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@HercDriver206 please send to PM

Time Aircraft Performance Name Performer
1615Z C-130J “Kraken” Tactical Display @HercDriver206
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A snap of v206 Test & Evaluation Sqn
“Kraken” Tactical Display and @Skyler.Cooper in spitfire A58-758 at VAC IFIA Thunder over Jacksonville Airshow 20


@Aviation108 will be joining @MJP_27 for his performance

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Don’t forget to join the discord server Performers!

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I’ll join. I got something up my sleeve 😉

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F14 for me

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@Mr_Young please send in PM

May I do An A-10 demonstration? Demonstration name: A-10 Combat demo

@Nightt Send in PM

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Time Aircraft Performance Name Performer
1635Z A-10 A-10 Tactical Demo @Nightt

On behalf of the Virtual F-16 Viper Demo Team, we are interested in performing in your event next month. Listed below are our team’s necessary requirements in order to perform in any show, if any one are not met then the likelihood of us performing are slim.

  • 2 parking spots for our main aircraft and spare aircraft.
  • Secured 20 minute time slot; The flight demonstration is approximately 16 minutes in length with 3 minutes to land/rollout and return the stage to the next performer.
  • Either Rythm or Rythm2/Canary to broadcast our soundtrack to the crowd. This will require roles set up for performers/staff to only make the music inputs.
  • Established show site details; both 500ft and 1,000ft show lines, no fly zones, and any hazards that may impact the demonstration.

We are looking forward to flying for you, for further contact please DM me @DeltaMD88Fan or our official instagram account @virtualviperdemoteam. #Sendit