(Completed) 19JUL20 / 2200Z - The Lone Star Flyout! @ KDFW

Welcome to the Dallas Fort Worth flyout hosted by @reer104 and I!

Thanks @reer104!



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Welcome to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport flyout! This is my fourth flyout event. DFW is one of the busiest airports in the United States! KDFW is one of my favourite airports, just due to the shear amount of traffic that travels through. DFW is a major hub for American Airlines, as well as a focus city for Spirit and Sun Country.

A Concourse-American Airlines
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
A08 B752 American St. Thomas (TIST) 3:23 @Skydriver900
A09 A321 American Philadelphia (KPHL) 3:19
A10 A321 American Charlotte (KCLT) 2:37 @KSS
A11 B738 American Philadelphia (KPHL) 3:19
A13 B738 American Miami (KMIA) 2:53 @Furwani
A14 A320 American Chicago (KORD) 2:27
A15 B738 American Puerto Vallarta (MMPR) 2:46
A16 B738 American New York (KLGA) 3:30 @iiExTReME
A17 A320(sub A319) American Vancouver (CYVR) 4:26
A18 B738 American Sacramento (KSMF) 3:39
A19 B738 American Mexico City (MMMX) 2:44
A20 B738 American Washington (KIAD) 2:58
A21 B738 American Portland (KPDX) 4:35
A22 B738 American Burbank (KBUR) 3:01
A23 B738 American San Diego (KSAN) 3:02
A24 B772 American Kahului (PHOG) 8:36
A25 A320(sub A319) American Palm Springs (KPSP) 3:10 @finnyeomans
A28 B738 American Fresno (KFAT) 3:22
A29 B738 American Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 2:51
A33 B738 American San Antonio (KSAT) 1:07 @MJP_27
A34 A320(sub A319) American Washington (KDCA) 3:01 @Infinite_Pro
A35 B738 American Boston (KBOS) 3:45 @Tommy_Dean
A36 A320(sub A319) American Houston (KIAH) 1:13 @airplane2
A37 B738 American Wichita (KICT) 0:58 @KhamaniAviationYT
A38 A320(sub A319) American Newark (KEWR) 3:30
A39 B738 American Orange County (KSNA) 3:09 @ORD777flyer
B Concourse-American Eagle
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
B01 CRJ900 American Eagle Tulsa (KTUL) 1:06
B02 CRJ700 American Eagle Houston (KIAH) 1:13
B03 CRJ900 American Eagle Wichita (KICT) 1:17
B04 CRJ900 American Eagle Amarillo (KAMA) 1:15 @Jake_Seitz
B05 CRJ700 American Eagle Corpus Christi (KCRP) 1:19
B06 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Spokane (KGEG) 3:44
B07 CRJ200 American Eagle Hattiesburg (KPIB) 1:40
B08 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Calgary (CYYC) 3:59
B09 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) New Orleans (KMSY) 1:29
B10 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Boise (KBOI) 3:22
B11 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Kansas City (KMCI) 1:35
B12 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Cincinnati (KCVG) 2:15
B13 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Baton Rouge (KBTR) 1:23
B14 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Little Rock (KLIT) 1:15
B15 CRJ900 American Eagle Birmingham (KBHM) 1:46 @Gtmkm98
B16 CRJ900 American Eagle Houston (KHOU) 1:12
B17 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Raleigh-Durham (KRDU) 2:45
B18 CRJ200(sub E135) American Eagle Texarkana (KTXK) 1:01
B19 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Missoula (KMSO) 3:26
B20 CRJ700 American Eagle Cedar Rapids (KCID) 2:02
B21 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Key West (KEYW) @NYFLFlyer22
B22 CRJ200(sub E135) American Eagle Torreon (MMTC) 2:16
B23 CRJ200(sub E135) American Eagle Waco (KACT) 0:46 @Johndavis10
B24 CRJ900 American Eagle Oklahoma City (KOKC) 1:02
B25 CRJ900 American Eagle Midland (KMAF) 1:11
B26 CRJ900 American Eagle Santa Barbara (KSBA) 3:29
B27 CRJ700 American Eagle Rapid City (KRAP) 2:20
B28 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) El Paso (KELP) 1:42
B29 CRJ200(sub E145) American Eagle San Angelo (KSJT) 1:05
B30 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Grand Junction (KGJT) 2:12
B31 CRJ900 American Eagle McAllen (KMFE) 1:31
B32 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Billings (KBIL) 2:58
B33 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Charleston (KCHS) 2:31
B34 CRJ200(sub E145) American Eagle San Luis Potosi (MMSP) 2:16
B35 CRJ200(sub E135) American Eagle Morelia (MMMM) 2:30
B36 CRJ700 American Eagle Flagstaff (KFLG) 2:29
B37 CRJ700 American Eagle Fort Wayne (KFWA) 2:23
B38 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Aguascalientes (MMAS) 2:28
B39 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Springfield (KSGF) 1:24
B40 CRJ700 American Eagle Shreveport (KSHV) 1:03
B41 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Albuquerque (KABQ) 1:50
B42 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Queretaro (MMQT) 2:31
B43 CRJ700 American Eagle Chihuahua (MMCU) 2:08
B44 CRJ200(sub E135) American Eagle Wichita Falls (KSPS) 0:58
B45 CRJ200(sub E135) American Eagle Tyler (KTYR) 0:49
B46 E175 American Eagle(US Airways) Silao (MMLO) 2:33
B47 CRJ700 American Eagle Bismarck (KBIS) 2:38
B48 CRJ700 American Eagle Santa Fe (KSAF) 1:49
B49 CRJ900 American Eagle Pensacola (KPNS) 1:48
C Concourse-American Airlines
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
C02 A321 American Mobile (KMOB) 1:39
C04 A320(sub A319) American Charlotte (KCLT) 2:37
C06 B738 American Philadelphia (KPHL) 3:19
C07 B738 American New York (KJFK) 2:53 @Captain_Metz1
C08 A321 American Charlotte (KCLT) 2:37
C10 B738 American Los Angeles (KLAX) 3:23 @Arming_Laurent
C11 B738 American Washington (KDCA) 3:01 @Joseph.Barnett
C12 A321 American Phoenix (KPHX) 2:31
C14 A321 American Chicago (KORD) 2:27
C15 A320(sub A319) American San Salvador (MSLP) 3:25
C16 B738 American Cancun (MMUN) 2:45
C17 A321 American Los Angeles (KLAX) 3:23
C19 A320(sub A319) American Vancouver (CYVR) 4:26
C20 A320(sub A319) American Atlanta (KATL) 2:07
C21 A320(sub A319) American Memphis (KMEM) 1:31
C22 B738 American Sacramento (KSMF) 3:39
C24 A320(sub A319) American Norfolk (KORF) 2:58
C26 B738 American Reno (KRNO) 3:30
C27 A320(sub A319) American St. Louis (KSTL) 1:44 @reer104
C28 B738 American San Jose (KSJC) 3:39 @Johhhn
C29 B738 American Baltimore (KBWI) 3:02
C30 B738 American Detroit (KDTW) @AGForLife
C31 A321 American San Francisco (KSFO) 3:48
C33 A320(sub A319) American Denver (KDEN) 2:10
C35 B738 American Seattle (KSEA) 4:15 @RogerThat4202
C36 B738 American Tampa (KTPA) 2:29
C37 B738 American Montego Bay (MKJS) 3:42
C39 B738 American San Juan (TJSJ) 4:34
D Concourse-American Airlines, Qantas, British, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, Aeromexico, Avianca, Korean Air, Qatar
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
D06 B738 American Toronto (CYYZ) 3:03
D08 B738 American New York (KJFK) 3:41
D11A A388 Qantas Sydney (YSSY) 17:15 @Rilej_aviation
D14A B744 British Airways London (EGLL) 9:05 @James_Harvey
D16X A388 Emirates Dubai (OMDB) 14:45 @charrison
D17 B789 British Airways London (EGLL) 9:05 AAVA2417
D18A A359 Lufthansa Frankfurt (EDDF) 9:45 @VH-VCQ
D20 B737 Aeromexico Mexico City (MMMX) 2:44
D21 A320 Avianca San Salvador (MSLP) 3:25
D22 B738 American Salt Lake City (KSLC) 2:50
D23 A359 Air France Paris CDG (LFPG) 9:15
D25 B748 Korean Air Seoul (RKSI) 14:35 @orangePHdeaf
D27A A359 Qatar Airways Doha (OTHH) 14:35 @Lufthansa2
D29A B772ER American Tokyo (RJAA) 13:35 @ChristianGaming
D30 Ahhh B789(sub B788) American Madrid (LEMD) 9:15
D31 B738 American San Francisco (KSFO) 3:48
D33 B772ER American Kahului (PHOG) 8:36 @Kevinsoto1502
D34 A321 American Phoenix (KPHX) 2:31
D36 B789 American Shanghai (ZSPD) 15:51 @CptCalvin437
D37 B752 American Los Angeles (KLAX) 3:23
D38 A320(sub A319) American Pittsburgh (KPIT) 2:42
D40 A321 American Austin (KAUS) 1:01 @AGSilver_04
E Concourse-Air Canada, Alaska, Delta, Spirit, JetBlue, Frontier
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
E02 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Vancouver (CYVR) 4:26 @Sam73628
E04 A319 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ) 3:03
E05 B738 Alaska Portland (KPDX) 4:00
E06 B739 Alaska Seattle (KSEA) 4:15 @RitzRegis
E07 B739 Delta Salt Lake City (KSLC) 2:50
E08 B752 Delta Atlanta (KATL) 2:07
E09 A321 Delta New York (KJFK) 3:41
E10 B738 Delta Los Angeles (KLAX) 3:23
E11 A320 JetBlue Boston (KBOS) 3:45 @CaptainZac
E12 A319 Delta New York (KLGA) 3:30
E13 B738 United Denver (KDEN) 2:10 @Prerb
E14 B739 United San Francisco (KSFO) 3:48 @T.Malone
E15 B752 United Washington (KIAD) 2:58
E16 A320 United Chicago (KORD) 2:27
E17 A320 Spirit Cancun (MMUN) 2:45 @Populeux_Music
E18 A321 Spirit Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 2:51 RESERVED FOR NKVA
E19 A320 Spirit Los Angeles (KLAX) 3:23
E20 A320 Spirit Atlanta (KATL) 2:07
E21 A320 Spirit Baltimore (KBWI) 3:02
E31 A321 Spirit Detroit (KDTW) 2:39 @Lukascrazydude
E32 A320 Spirit Las Vegas (KLAS) 2:55
E33 A320 Spirit New Orleans (KMSY) 1:29
E34 A320 Spirit Orlando (KMCO) 2:43 RESERVED FOR NKVA
E35 A321 Spirit Philadelphia (KPHL) 3:19 TAKEN BY NKVA CEO
E36 A320 Frontier Miami (KMIA) 2:53
E37 A321 Frontier Denver (KDEN) 2:10
E38 A320 Frontier Newark (KEWR) 3:30
E Satellite Concourse-Delta, United, American Airlines
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
E22 CRJ700 Delta Cincinnati (KCVG) 2:15
E23 E175 United Express Houston (KIAH) 1:13
E24 E175 United Express Newark (KEWR) 3:30
E25 E175 United Express Chicago (KORD) 2:27
E26 CRJ700 United Express Denver (KDEN) 2:10
E27 CRJ900 American Eagle Panama City (KECP) 2:02
E28 CRJ200 American Eagle Beaumont (KBPT)
E29 CRJ200 American Eagle Stillwater (KFSD) 1:08
E30 CRJ700 American Eagle Omaha (KOMA) 1:48
FedEx Stands
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
01 MD-11F FedEx Miami (KMIA) 2:17 @apricotwarrior
02 737-800 FedEx Miami (KMIA) 2:17 @Jason_M
03 B777F FedEx Memphis (KMEM) 1:32 @Max_R.0
04 MD-11F FedEx Houston (KIAH) @Skydriver900
05 MD-11F FedEx Memphis (KMEM) 1:32 @ROlive23
06 B777F FedEx Miami (KMIA) 2:17 @First_Officer_Lee
07 MD-11F FedEx Milwaukee (KMKE) @StevenWalter
American Airlines Stands
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
01 B773 American Frankfurt (EDDF) 9:45
02 B772 American Honolulu (PHNL) 8:36 @LoneStarAviation
03 A321 American Los Angeles (KLAX) 3:23
04 B772 American Tokyo (RJAA) 13:25
05 B789 American Santiago (SCEL) 9:23
Hangar 01 B738 American Montreal (CYUL) 3:38
Hangar 02 A320 American San Juan (TJSJ) 4:34
UPS Cargo Stands
Gate Aircraft Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
01 B757F Tampa (KTPA) 2:29
02 MD-11F Honolulu (PHNL) 8:36
03 MD-11F Portland (KPDX) 4:00
04 MD-11F Phoenix (KPHX) 2:31 @OnthePlaneAgain
05 MD-11F Boston (KBOS) 3:45
06 B757F Los Angeles (KLAX) 3:23
07 A330F Louisville (KSDF) 2:06
08 A330F Memphis (KMEM) 1:31
09 A330F Orlando (KMCO) 2:43
10 B757F Little Rock (KLIT) 1:15
11 A330F El Paso (KELP) 1:42
12 B757F Atlanta (KATL) 2:07
13 B757F Austin (KAUS) 1:01
IAC Cargo Stands-Cargolux, Korean Air, ABC, Lufthansa, Qatar, DHL
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Pilot’s Name
2-1 B748F Cargolux Luxembourg (ELLX) @Infinite_Josh
2-2 B777F Korean Air Cargo Guadalajara (MMGL) 2:39 @KQA03
2-3 B748F ABC Airlines Amsterdam (EHAM) 9:28 @Raquis
3-1 B777F Lufthansa Cargo Mexico City (MMMX) 2:44
3-2 B777F Qatar Cargo Liège (EBLG) @mrfresh
3-3 B757F DHL Cincinnati (KCVG) 2:15


Here is the airport chart



Date: 2020-07-19T22:00:00Z (changes to your timezone)

Server: Expert

NOTAM: Realistic Procedures will be used

More info: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport - Wikipedia

IFATC: Approval Pending



Thanks for co-hosting @reer104!

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Thanks for having me!

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Cam I have E31 to DTW please? NKVA2

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I’ll add you!

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I’ll take this one! Thanks!

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Ah my home airport. Can I please get Gate A16 to KLGA? Thanks!

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I would like this gate plz

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I’ll add you! @NYFLFlyer22 @iiExTReME @Populeux_Music


Wow great flyout! A lot of gates to choose from! I’ll take this one thanks! ;)

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You got it rilej!

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Heheheh rilej. 😂

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Can I have the American A320 to KDCA please.

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Can I have JetBlue to Boston gate E11

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If it is possible can I fly to Luxembourg if not I can fly to Chicago

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Do you think I’d be able to take an American 777-200ER to OGG/PHOG

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@Infinite_Pro @CaptainZac @Infinite_Josh @ORD777flyer you have all been added!

I will take this gate for now. I might switch to a long haul

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