[COMPLETED] 19FEB21 / 2000Z - SPC Racing at the Alps - @ LOWI-LSZH

About the event
SPC’s first ever IFC event is here, and it’s wild!
This event is based on an old series of flash flights that was held on the IFC. So we decided to bring it back! This flight takes us from the pretty city of Innsbruck, Austria to Zurich, Switzerland. It requires you to follow a set path that doesn’t go over the Swiss Alps, but through them!

Aircraft: Grumman F-14 (Tanks, Armament optional) OR F-16C
Route: LOWI-LSZH via Swiss Alps and Bern
Altitude: no more than 14,000ft
Time: 2000z
Date: 19th February 2021
Server: Casual

Your Time & Date: 2021-02-19T20:00:00Z

Route and Checkpoints

To make the race more challenging and fun, we’ve set a flight path that you must follow. Here are the steps:

  1. Depart LOWI
  2. Do not exceed 14k feet
  3. Weave through Alps
  4. Pass over Bern Airport
  5. Land at LSZH

must roughly follow the path in the flight plan


Grab yourself a gate, to reduce gate stacking and some realism in the event!

Terminal Gates
Gate Pilot
Apron 01 @IF_Pacific
Apron 02 @Fung_Sum-sum
Apron 03 @Marcel001
Apron 04 @David_Mullen
Apron 05 @Ahmed1
Apron 06 @T4ir5ty
Apron 07 @Liam_Gardener
Apron 08 @Aviation108
Apron 09 @MisterSir
Apron 10 @Captainflight
South Hangars
Gate Pilot
01 @GBKarp
Overflow Gates
Gate Pilot
FBO Signature 08
FBO Signature 09
FBO Signature 10 @killerfire31
FBO Signature 11
FBO Signature 12
FBO Signature 13

Winner gets a Hi-Five

SPC Thread


May I take this one?

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I would love to get Apron 3!

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Can I get Apron 4?

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@Fung_Sum-sum @Marcel001 and @Ethan_Lee1 your gates have all been assigned! Thanks for joining :)


Can i get a gate

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You’ve got Apron 5. Thanks for signing up!

Thank u, first event i’ve signed up to in casual server

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Wait sorry just realised the time is 0700z

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There’s Plenty More Gates to Fill! Get yours now!

This event is in less than a week! Grab your spots now

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May I have a gate as well please


Of course! Apron 6 is yours. Thanks for signing up.

Are we going to get PM’ed

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Yes, there will be a Group PM that will be made within 12 hours of the event.

Ok thanks, and also one last thing, do you mind delaying the start by a couple of hours? I would most probably be asleep by then
I totally understand if you cant though


Hey, I’m afraid it’ll be too late to delay the start time of the event.


The event has been postponed until 2021-02-19T20:00:00Z due to an internal issue. So there’s still more time to grab a gate.

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Sign me up. Looks like great fun. I love racing events.

I have a few questions on the race procedure–

  1. How will you run the start? All at once in a seething ball of fighters, specific individual starting times, or something else?

  2. What constitutes a “landing”? The time of touchdown, time of complete stop, time clear of runway, or something else?

  3. Can we take off to the west from Innsbruck, fly direct to Bern, then land to the east at SZH as shown in the pic below, or do we need to round each waypoint you have in the flight plan to the outside of the course as you would round the marks in a sailboat race? The pic shows how I would do it if going by your original list of five rules which only specifies three required “marks” – OWI, Bern, and SZH.


You need to fix the date and time quoted above to match the title and local time field.