[Completed]17SEP22 1500Z OKC Flyout!

I’m planning to continue on from Atlanta and go on to Boston

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Sounds fun!!

Make sure to join my other events posted above 👆

@RagonDragon i got ATC. Enjoy your event

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Alright sounds good thanks

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Is it good or bad that I’m already spawned

Could I go to Houston instead?

I mean if you want to sit there for that long

Yeah sure like Houston Hobby?

Yeah that’s it

Yeah sure I’ll change your destination

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Spawn in 10 minutes!!

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When should ATC spawn?

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Maybe now or 2 minutes

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Maybe spawn now

Yeah spawning in

@RagonDragon maybe you should ping everyone

Everyone start spawning in

Yeah how do i do that just @ them in this chat

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Yep pretty much