[Completed]17SEP22 1500Z OKC Flyout!

According to flight radar 24, United’s flight to Chicago is operated by a Crj200, not a -700

Yeah but i hate the old livery tbh that’s why

May I have this one please

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Sure! Signed up!

7 Days till event! Let’s get some more signups!

More gates available!

Let’s get some more sign ups

I wish I can join but it is too early for me. At least I have another event to attend on the 17th

Let’s keep those signups coming!

More gates available! Event is 2 days away!!

I will take this please 🙏

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Let’s get some final Sign ups

Can I switch to this please

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@zykejohn09 Signed up!

@Butter575 Alr I’ll switch you

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Anything to KLAS

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18|St. Louis|737|southwest please

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@NvAviator I’ll put you on a Southwest flight if that’s good

@Chris_Hansen Signed up! And welcome to the community!

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1 Day till event!!

Hi Guys I can’t fly on 10:0PM on Philippine Standard Time because I don’t want to overnight flight sorry

Let’s get some more sign ups