Completed![17 attending!] (GET YOUR GATES NOW!!) Tribute to my Cousin @ LIRF - 311610ZMAR19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot and Tailwinds Flying Club and National Charter Service}

Time for another bump!

Get your get gates Today!

Get your gates now this event means everything to me!

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The Event is in a couple of weeks!
Get your gates Now!


Sign up now!!

@Luke_Sta @FNC13 @Kamryn @Kevinsoto1502 @OtoeTiger88 @Matthew_20204 @zand3r @Niccckk
@15shawo @InfiniteAviation06 @samdog27 @Swiftlings_17

THE EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO MARCH 30th Because I have a baseball tournamnet that just popped up. THE Time WILL STAY THE SAME!


Will confirm if I’m a viable closer to the time.

Ok I hope you can attend

Get your gates Now!!

Get your Gates now!

Get your gates now!!

Get your gates NOW!

What a way to bump your event. 😂


I know right 😂

Get your gates now!!! We still have two terminals to fill!!

Guess what time it is!! It’s time for a bump!! Get your gates now!

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Hey there,Could I take a gate? any gate that holds a domestic flight.
Callsign will be : 5ORIE-2

@Infi I put you down for gate 501. There is an established flight plan if you look above in the description

Sorry I didn’t read…i don’t know if I can make it because I have another event within take off
You carry on and I am very sorry for your loss

Ok I will keep you on the list unless you want to be removed