Completed![17 attending!] (GET YOUR GATES NOW!!) Tribute to my Cousin @ LIRF - 311610ZMAR19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot and Tailwinds Flying Club and National Charter Service}

See your there

thank you.

Can I have gate 409 and callsign will be EZY018

Can I get gate

@samdog27 your signed up
@Swiftlings_17 I put you down for gate 410. What would you like your callsign to be?

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I’d like Callsign AFKLM265 because I’m in AFKLM

Alrighty I put your callsign down

Sorry to Hear this, I hope you and your family are doing alright as well,

I’ll takegate 411 callsign B-LITZ

Roger your signed up

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GET YOUR GATES NOW!! Hurry before there gone! LMAO i sent this at school

Event is in 1 month please sign up!

This event is now sponsored by Plane and Pilot!

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I’ll take the gate next to Blitz.
Callsign: IN2886

I am sorry for your loss.

I’ll take whatever gate is available next
Callsign: Z-NDR

Sorry to hear about your loss, this should be a great tribute to her!

your signed up thanks for coming

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hello sorry for your loss. Can i get GATE 432 with callsign FNC13 please

@FNC13 your signed up

thanks much :D

tiny bump. Get your gates now!!!

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Get your gates now!!