Completed![17 attending!] (GET YOUR GATES NOW!!) Tribute to my Cousin @ LIRF - 311610ZMAR19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot and Tailwinds Flying Club and National Charter Service}

Get your gates now event is in a few weeks!!

Get your gates now event is in 3 weeks!!

Get your gates Now!!!

Get your gates NOW

Event is in 2 and half weeks get your gates now!!!


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I have just realized that my event conflicts with @BigBert10 event on March 30th

@Luke_Sta @FNC13 @Kamryn @Kevinsoto1502 @OtoeTiger88 @Matthew_20204 @zand3r @Niccckk
@15shawo @InfiniteAviation06 @samdog27 @Swiftlings_17 @Infi

  • Change the time but still will be on the same date
  • Move the date
  • Stay the same

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I dont know if I can make it because my event is later on that day! And my subscription ends on 2nd April…

Ok I will take that into consideration once everyone votes I’ll see which one won and then I’ll go from there

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@OtoeTiger88 @Swiftlings_17 @Luke_Sta
Poll closes in 12 hours please cast your vote!

Sign up please terminal 2 gate 502

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Alright I put you down what is your callsign and thanks for coming!

Callsign AFKLM048

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Sorry for your loss 😥 I feel for you. Can I still have a gate? I could take any.

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@Malucelli48 I have put your callsign down
@A350iscool put you down. What callsign?
Except a change in date or time

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Move it so I can attend:)

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Edited: I’ll be corporate 431 actually

Don’t worry I will probably have to move it anyway
I’ll let you know if I move it

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Roger I’ll put that down

POLL is closing in 5 minutes