[COMPLETED] 15JUN20 / 0300Z - The Finnish Flyout! @ EFHK

The Finnish Flyout!

Hello IFC Members! Today we’re going to look at Helsinki! The capital of Finland and Finnair’s hub! Finnair was founded on November 1, 1923, in Helsinki, Finland! Finnair’s fleet is currently all airbuses. They have 14 Airbus A350-900’s, 8 Airbus A330-300’s, 19 Airbus A321’s, 10 Airbus A320’s, and 8 Airbus A319’s. They also have 12 Embraer 190’s and 12 ATR 72-500’s. Finnair used to operate the Boeing 757-200 until 2014.

Helsinki, Finland’s southern capital, sits on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland. Its central avenue, Mannerheimintie, is flanked by institutions including the National Museum, tracing Finnish history from the Stone Age to the present. Also on Mannerheimintie are the imposing Parliament House and Kiasma, a contemporary art museum. Ornate red-brick Uspenski Cathedral overlooks a harbor.

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About Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport is the main international airport of the city of Helsinki, its surrounding metropolitan area, and the Uusimaa region. The airport is located in the city of Vantaa, about 5 kilometres west of Tikkurila, the administrative center of Vantaa and 9.2 NM north of Helsinki city center.


Terminal 1
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
5 Copenhagen [EKCH] SAS A320 @george
6 Oslo [ENGM] SAS A319 @nolan_brant12
7 Stockholm [ESSA] SAS A319 @DannyHL
8 Vienna [LOWW] Austrian A321 @United2
9 Reykjavik [BIKF] Icelandair B752 @jayfly5
10 Warsaw [EPWA] LOT Polish Airlines B738 @reer104
11 Brussels [EBBR] Brussels Airlines A319 @Populeux_Music
12 Zagreb [LDZA] Croatia Airlines A319 -
13 Riga [EVRA] airBaltic Q400 -
14 Frankfurt [EDDF] Lufthansa A320 @The_Homeless_Dorito
15 Munich [EDDM] Lufthansa A319 -
Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
16 Rhodes [LGRP] TUI B738 -
17 Kyiv [UKBB] Ukraine Intl. Airlines B739 -
18 Moscow [UUEE] Aeroflot B739 @Ritesh321
19 Paris [LFPG] Air France A319 -
20 London [EGLL] British Airways A320 @DimitriB
21 Rome [LIRF] Alitalia A321 @Chuck_Aviation
22 Copenhagen [EKCH] Finnair A321 -
23 Madrid [LEMD] Iberia A321 -
24 Amsterdam [EHAM] KLM B739 @JL727
25 Beijing [ZBAA] Air China B789 -
26 Manchester [EGCC] Finnair A321 -
27 San Francisco [KSFO] Finnair A359 @Udeme_Ekpo
28 Osaka [RJBB] Finnair A359 @mark.gregor.jaaska
29 Tokyo [RJAA] Finnair A359 @Planeviation
30 Seoul [RKSI] Finnair A359 @Gaming_sniper
31 New York [KJFK] Finnair A359 @Dendenawesome_14
32 Shanghai [ZSPD] Finnair A359 @That_Guy14
S52 Los Angeles[KLAX] Finnair A359 @cptlogue
S53 Los Angeles[KLAX] Finnair A359 @HarryH1
S54 Doha [OTHH] Qatar Airways A359/B77W @Marcello_Jr
S55 Istanbul [LTFM] Turkish Airlines A321 @Mar350
Remote Stands
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
121 Dublin [EIDW] Aer Lingus A320/A321 -
122 Bergen [ENBR] Norwegian B738 @GLITCH_GAMES
123 Lisbon [LPPT] TAP Portugal A320 @Nick956
124 Prague [LKPR] Finnair A321 @Danny_US
125 Amsterdam [EHAM] Finnair A321 -
126 Munich [EDDM] Finnair A321 -
127 Rome [LIRF] Finnair A321 @Colin_Bondi
131 London[EGLL] Finnair A359 -
132 Bangkok [VTBS] Finnair A359 -
133 Miami [KMIA] Finnair A359 @charrison
134 Singapore [WSSS] Finnair A359 @ZinZowe
162 Punta Cana [MDPC] Finnair A359 @CPT_HILD

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can i please have gate to seoul

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@Gaming_sniper - SEOUL // RKSI

thanks a lot

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This gate plz

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@United2 - VIENNA // LOWW

This one for me, thanks

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@Populeux_Music - Brussels // EBBR

May I have this gate please?

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@Dendenawesome_14 - New York // KJFK

I’ll have the gate to Istanbul please, but can I fly the a321 instead?

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@Mar350 - Istanbul // LTFM

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I will take this gate please thank you

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@Udeme_Ekpo - San Francisco // KSFO

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ill take AY to Punta Cana

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@CPT_HILD - Punta Cana // MDPC

the airport code shown that’s havana

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May i have gate24, KLM to EHAM?

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@JL727 - Amsterdam // EHAM

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I’m going to attend if I’m going to be in U.S. but I may be in Finland at that because I’m from there and we always go visit our family on Summer brake, and the times are not that good for Finland. I’ll let you know later if I can come.