[Completed] [15 Attending] Let's make Indianapolis Great | Flyout event @ KIND - 261730ZMAY19

Can I take B12 to Dallas Fort Worth

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Sure… Thanks for signing up

Still a lot of gates open so join us in this fun event

A03 lease!

Sure thanks for signing up

I will take the gate to LAX on DL and it’s operated by a 737-800

You’re added thanks for signing up

Could I get B06 to Seattle (Alaska 737-900)?

Yes…sorry for the wait I’ll add you

No problem, thanks

I just realized that I’m going to be flying the day of the event I’m so sorry but I’m not going to make it

OK, I’ll remove you

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The event is in 5 days so grab a gate if you can join

The event is in 3 days and there’s still a lot of gates to fill so let’s try and fill up Indianapolis

Gate B14 please

Gate B14 is all yours see you there!

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The event is Tommorow so make sure to sign if you can join

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Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I won’t be able to make the event. I apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to join another one of your events soon. :(

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No worries I’ll remove you

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Remember the event is today