[Completed] [15 Attending] Let's make Indianapolis Great | Flyout event @ KIND - 261730ZMAY19

Let’s make Indianapolis Great


Why Indianapolis

This airport doesn’t get much attention on IF really and its a very beautiful airport that serves over 9 million passengers a year so that makes it the 45h busiest in the US and the seventh busiest in terms of cargo.This airport consists of 2 concourse with a total of 40 gates. So this is a great choice for a Flyout event so join me in making it a great one

More info about the Airport


Event Information

Server: Expert
Airport: KIND
Time and Date: 2019-05-26T17:30:00Z
▪ Spawn in 10-15 minutes before we start
▪ Respect Unicom and other Pilots
▪ The runway we will use will be specified
▪ If there’s a route that isn’t listed just request it
▪ Just Enjoy

Passenger Gates

Concourse A
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination
A03 Frontier A320 KMCO @FuZion_Sami
A04 United 737-900 KIAD
A05 Delta 767-300 LFPG
A06 Delta 737-800 KATL
A07 Delta 737-800 KLAX @tyleraviator99
A08 Delta E170 KMIA
A10 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KLGA
A11 United Express E170 KEWR
A12 Delta A319 KSLC
A13 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KRDU
A14 United Express CRJ-700 KDEN
A15 Frontier A320 KDEN
A16 Delta 737-900 KMCO
A19 United 737-900 KEWR
A20 Spirit A321 KLAS
A21 United Express CRJ-200 KORD
A22 United A320 KIAH
A23 Air Canada express CRJ-200 CYYZ @NBSYT
A24 United 737-800 KSFO
A25 United Express CRJ-700 KIAD
Concourse B
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination
B03 Allegiant A320 KFLL
B04 Allegiant A320 KMSY @Matthew_20204
B05 Allegiant A320 KAUS
B06 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KSEA
B07 American 737-800 KPHX
B08 American A321 KLAX
B09 American 737-800 KCLT
B10 American Eagle CRJ-700 KDCA
B12 American A320 KDFW @Heyitxryan
B13 American Eagle CRJ-200 KORD
B14 American Eagle CRJ-700 KLGA @Sasquatch
B15 American 737-800 KPHL @Boris_Huang
B16 Southwest 737-700 KHOU
B17 Southwest 737-700 KMCI
B21 Southwest 737-700 KBWI @JeromeJ
B22 Southwest 737-700 KOAK @GlobalFlyer1
B23 Southwest 737-800 KTPA @Plane-Train-TV
B24 Southwest 737-700 KMDW
B25 Southwest 737-700 KDAL

Cargo Gates

Gates Aircraft Airline Destination
02 FedEx Feeder C208 KERI
06 FedEx Feeder C208 KPKB
08 FedEx Feeder C208 KFSD
10 FedEx Feeder C208 KBUF
12 FedEx Feeder C208 KCID
14 FedEx Feeder C208 KRST
16 FedEx Feeder C208 KLCK
18 FedEx Feeder C208 KMQY
20 FedEx Feeder C208 KSBN
28 FedEx MD-11 LFPG
30 FedEx MD-11 PANC
34 FedEx 777-200F CYYZ
36 FedEx MD-11F RJBB
37 FedEx MD-11F KPDX
39 FedEx MD-11F KOAK
40 FedEx 777-200F KMEM
41 FedEx MD-11F KMEM
42 FedEx 777-200F KSEA
43 FedEx 777-200F KDEN
44 FedEx MD-11F KDFW
45 FedEx MD-11F EGSS
46 FedEx 777-200F KLAX @Adam_Goodman
47 FedEx DC-10 CYUL
48 FedEx DC-10 KIAD
49 FedEx MD-11F KMIA
50 FedEx MD-11F KPHX
51 FedEx 777-200F KSJC
52 FedEx 777-200F KSAN
53 FedEx DC-10 KMDT
54 FedEx 777-200F KONT
55 FedEx MD-11F KATL
56 FedEx MD-11F KTPA
57 FedEx DC-10 KGSO
58 FedEx 777-200F KMCI
59 FedEx MD-11F KBWI
60 Cargolux 747-800 ELLX
61 CargoLux 747-800 KLAX
62 CargoLux 747-800 KORD

Let’s make it a fun one

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I’ll take the Southwest gate to Oakland! See you there!

@Matthew_20204; The change I made to the title was to make it correct. I wasn’t doing anything else :)

Great!! I’ll sign you up see you there

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What change I don’t even notice

Oh, I made a small adjustment but you seemingly changed it back 🤔

I didn’t do anything😂

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Oh now I see it

I’ll take gate 02 to KERI (is it possible that the time in the title and the time converter time aren’t the same)? Nevertheless great event!!!

Gate A10 please & thanks!

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I’ll sign you up and thanks for pointing that out

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I’ll sign you up as well see you there

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Don’t sign me up I’m sorry messed up the dates its in May not (like I thought) in April. Sorry 😂. Btw please keep 1700Z as a time for all your events because they’re great just they are usually at 2000Z which is too late for me to attend. Keep that up! (Sorry for long reply😂😂)

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Ok no problem I’ll remove you😂

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I’ll take A23

gate B15,please

@NBSYT and @Boris_Huang your signed up see you there

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I’ll have B21 in a 737-700 to KBWI please

Gate 46 to klax for me pls

@JeromeJ @Adam_Goodman you guys are signed up see you there

@Dylan_M I’m right here!!!

Also @Matthew_20204 are you sure gate A5 and A8 shouldn’t be switched? I’ll try my best to attend!!

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