{COMPLETED} 14JUL20 / 1900Z - Kai Tak Flyout! @ VHHX

2 Hours to the event!!

Plenty of gates left!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has participated in this wonderful event! Everyone has helped so much with the event.

You all made my day. With this being my first flyout event I made, there will be plenty more coming in the future.

So once again, thank you, everyone, may the skies be ever with you and I hope everyone flight goes perfectly!

I suggest a flyout from KATL

I will probabley do that but I may also look for another large and cool airport to do…

Hmmmmmm KMIA is a nice one!

Also thanks for the suggestion 😄👍

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Definantley. Large airport, beautifeul sceneries.

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Thanks for the event! Good job!

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Photos are amazing! Thank you for joining!

Also, If anyone wants to join, I have an upcoming event that I’m hosting:


The link is here:

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