[COMPLETED] 14JAN22 / 2200Z - Air Canada Virtual | 4 Year Celebration @ CYYZ

An Official Air Canada Virtual Event

Welcome to Air Canada Virtual’s 4 Year Anniversary Event! We are delighted to have spent 4 years on the IFC and look forward to many more. With 2022 on our front door step, we rope in a special occasion to kick off the new year.

This event will take place in Toronto, Ontario at CYYZ. It’s an all fly-out event for everyone to participate in. Toronto Pearson Int. located in the capital of the province, is home to Canada’s busiest airport, major hub for its cargo import/exports, and with non-stop flights to 67% of the worlds economy reaching 6/7 continents.

As an event operated by Air Canada Virtual, some gates occupied by other airlines may be in use by ACVA aircraft.

Server: Expert Server (ES)

Aircraft: Participant choice

Livery: Any Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express livery.

Departure Airport: Toronto International Airport (CYYZ)

Arrival Airport: Participant choice

Event Date & Time: 2022-01-14T22:00:00Z

Ready to reserve a spot? Please follow the format below:

Arrival Type (Domestic, U.S, International)
Destination (ICAO)


Gate: 134
Aircraft: A220
Destination: Kelowna Int’l (CYLW)

We ask all participants to indicate whether or not they are a member of Air Canada Virtual as well

Domestic Departures
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot ACVA Member
Gate 138 Narrow Body
Gate 145 A223 CYLW @AviatorJake Events Manager
Gate 144 Narrow Body
Gate 143 Narrow Body
Gate 142 Narrow Body
Gate 141 Narrow Body
Gate 140 Narrow Body
Gate 139 Narrow Body
Gate 137 A223 CYYJ @CR3W President
Gate 135 A321 CYVR @Stoicgamer89 Yes
Gate 133 A223 CYEG @CanadianNorth Yes
Gate 131 A223 CYYJ @Campusgod Yes
Gate 120 A321 CYWG @KSM_King_Storm No
Gate 122 A223 CYVR @Raptor_416 No
Gate 124 Narrow Body
Gate 126 Narrow Body
Gate C27A Narrow Body
Gate C26 Narrow Body
Gate C25 Narrow Body
Gate C24 Narrow Body
Gate B19 Narrow Body
Gate B17 Narrow Body
Gate B16 Narrow Body
Gate B15 Narrow Body
Gate B14 Narrow Body
Gate B13 Narrow Body
Gate B12 Narrow Body
Gate B11 Narrow Body
Gate B10B Regional
Gate B09 Regional
Gate B07F Regional
Gate B07E Regional
Gate 128 Regional
Gate 110 Regional
Gate 112 Regional
Gate 111 Regional
Gate 109 Regional
Gate 107A CRJ200 CYXU @JulietTango Yes
Gate 105A Regional
Gate 103 Regional
Gate 101A Regional
Gate A01D Regional
Gate A01C Regional
Gate A01B Regional
Gate A01A Regional
Gate A02 Narrow Body
Gate A03 Narrow Body
Gate A04 Narrow Body
Gate A05 Narrow Body
Gate A06 Narrow Body
U.S. Departures
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot ACVA Member
Gate 167 A223 KJFK @Matthew_Loew No
Gate 165 Narrow Body
Gate 163 A223 KCLT @PPL_Ceswick_Kemp No
Gate 161 A319 TNCC @flyinggoosey Deputy President
Gate 157 Narrow Body
Gate 155 Narrow Body
Gate 153 Narrow Body
Gate 151 Narrow Body
Gate 132 Narrow Body
Gate 134 Narrow Body
Gate 136 Narrow Body
Gate 166 Narrow Body
Gate 164 Narrow Body
Gate 162 Narrow Body
Gate 160 Narrow Body
Gate 182 Narrow Body
Gate 183 Narrow Body
Gate 244 Regional
Gate 246 Regional
Gate 248 Regional
Gate 250 Regional
Gate 252 Regional
Gate 254 Regional
Gate 256 Regional
Gate 258 Regional
Gate 260 Regional
Gate 262 Regional
Gate 264 Regional
Gate 268 Regional
Gate 270 Regional
Gate 272 Regional
Gate 255 Regional
Gate 253 Regional
Gate 251 Regional
Gate 249 Regional
Gate 247 Regional
Gate 245 Regional
International Departures
gate Aircraft Destination Pilot ACVA Member
Gate 167 789 OEJN @HUMVEE No
Gate 169 B77L KLAX @usc949 Yes
Gate 170 Heavy
Gate 171A A333 EGLL @Kat Yes
Gate 173 B77W OTHH @LordTare No
Gate 174 B77L VHHH @KCLTPlanespotter Yes
Gate 175 A333 KLAX @Ethan_Brown No
Gate 176 B77W ZBAA @Merky_AviationYT No
Gate 177 Heavy
Gate 178 Heavy
Gate 179 Heavy
Gate 180 Heavy
Gate 168 Heavy
Gate C37 Heavy
Gate C36 Heavy
Gate C35 Heavy
Gate C33 Heavy
Gate C31 Heavy
Gate C30 Heavy

Toronto Pearson, named after former Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson, is Canada’s largest and busiest airport, which services 38 airlines. Situated just off of Lake Ontario, Toronto’s layout is perfect for all sorts of weather, with its five runways to choose from on any given day.

Source: opennav.com

Airport Class: Bravo Airspace
Airport Elevation: 564’

Runway Dimensions Type
05/23 3390 x 59 m Asphalt
06L/24R 2957 x 59 m Asphalt
06R/24L 2744 x 59 m Asphalt
15L/33R 3370 x 59 m Asphalt
15R/33L 2771 x 59 m Asphalt

  • Runways in use will depend on weather. If IFATC is present, please follow the given ATIS information for runway configuration.
  • IFATC may or may not be present. In the case that they are, please follow all ATC instructions to ensure a smooth and steady event.
  • In the case IFATC is not present at the event, please utilize UNICOM at all times and be respectful to others.
  • Maintain appropriate separation at all times while on the ground and in the air.
  • Please plan accordingly for the departure, and note you may have to alter your FPL for the event for any reason.
  • Pilots will need to plan their own FPL as we’re offering many destinations from Toronto. Please utilize SIDs as much as possible for an orderly departure. ATC commands will override any FPL.
  • Have fun as we celebrate yet another year in the community as a VA!

We’ve been in the community for almost four years now and we cannot thank this community enough. We recently released our 2021 annual report, and it was an amazing year for the VA. As we continue to grow, we look forward to more community engagement and even more lasting fun. Thank you to all of our pilots who have stuck with us - for better or for worse, for a short time or longer - from all of us at ACVA

– Evan, Air Canada Virtual President and Chief Executive Officer

Check us out!


Air Canada Virtual is a non-profit Virtual organization that is in no way sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with Air Canada or any of its partners/affiliates.

Please note that Air Canada Virtual is not responsible for any system violations and/or ATC/system reports.

Special thanks to @CR3W and @AviatorJake for putting this event together!


Gate: 173
Aircraft: B777-300ER As AC58
Destination: Doha Int’l(OTHH)

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Gate: 131
Aircraft: A220
Destination CYYJ

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Gate: 120
Aircraft: A321 (Air Canada)
Destination: CYWG

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Gate: 174
Aircraft: 777-200LR
Destination: VHHH

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Can I join if I am not a ACVA member

This Event is for everyone in Infinite flight to participate in!

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I I get a departure gate A330 to LA

Which gate would you like

Gate 174 please

gate 174 has already been selected.

there are plenty more

Ok 175 will work

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Happy 4 years! I’d like to be ATC as ATIS, Ground, and Tower. Thanks!

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Thank you!

That will be awesome

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Gate 167 a220 to KJFK not ACVA

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Gate: 122
Aircraft: A220 (Air Canada)
Destination: CYVR.

Please and thank you!

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Gate: 176
Aircraft: B77W
Destination: Beijing Capital (ZBAA)

Airline I’m taking is Air Canada and No, I’m not part of the ACVA

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Gate: 133
Aircraft: A220
Destination: CYEG

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Gate: 171A
Aircraft: A333
Destination: EGLL

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I am a member of ACVA.


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