[Completed]13MAY23/1500Z The Great Twin Cities Flyout

Welcome to the Twin Cities! Known for their brutal winters with an average of 51.2 inches of snow during the winter. Also known for their many lakes surrounding the area with Leech Lake being the biggest with amazing fishing. The Mall of America is also located here with tons of shops to choose from. Come join me out of these amazing two cities!! *Snow will not be present ;) *

Concource A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A02 Delta CRJ2 International Falls
A03 Delta CRJ2 Brainerd
A04 Delta CRJ9 Cincinnati
A06 Delta CRJ9 La Crosse
A07 Delta CRJ9 Wasau
A08 Delta CRJ9 Green Bay
A09 Delta CRJ2 Hibbing
A11 Delta CRJ9 Rhinelander
A12 Delta CRJ9 Green Bay
A13 Delta CRJ9 Minot
A14 Delta CRJ9 Duluth
Concource C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C01 Delta 737-900 Atlanta @plane_guy12
C02 Delta A320 Dallas Fort Worth
C03 Delta A319 Washington DCA
C04 Delta 737-900 Las Vegas
C05 Delta A320 La Guardia
C06 Delta E175 Memphis
C07 Delta E175 Pittsburgh
C08 Delta E175 Madison
C09 Delta A319 Raleigh-Durham
C10 Delta E175 Columbus
C11 Delta A319 Reno
C12 Delta 737-900 Palm Springs @Butter575
C13 Delta E175 Cedar Rapids @Wonderousbuilder641
C14 Delta A319 Missoula
C15 Delta A319 Spokane
C16 Delta E175 Grand Forks
C17 Delta E175 Fargo
C19 Delta CRJ9 Midway @United403
C20 Delta A321 Boston
C21 Delta A321 Phoenix
C22 Delta E175 Toronto
C23 Delta A320 Albuquerque
C24 Delta E175 Sioux Falls
C25 Delta 737-800 Colorado Springs @RagonDragon
C26 Delta CRJ9 Rochester
C27 Delta A319 Hayden
Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D01 Delta E175 Cleveland
D02 Delta E175 Bismarck
D03 Delta E175 Pittsburgh
D04 Delta E175 Madison
D05 Delta E175 Appleton
D06 Delta E175 Omaha
Concource E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E01 Alaska 737-900 Seattle
E02 Alaska 737-900 Portland
E03 Air Canada CRJ9 Toronto @Joel_Albert
E04 Spirit A320 Los Angeles
E05 United E175 Newark
E06 United 737-800 Chicago
E07 United E175 Washington IAD
E08 United 737-800 Houston
E09 United 737-700 Newark
E10 United A320 San Francisco
E11 American 737-800 Chicago @Spark-1908
E12 American 737-800 Phoenix
E13 American E175 Philadelphia @Half-Aviation
E14 American 737-800 Dallas Fort Worth @Stephen_Day
E15 American 737-800 Charlotte @anon38552190
E16 American E175 La Guardia
Concourse F
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F01 Delta A321 Tucson
F02 Delta 717-200 Detroit
F03 Delta A319 Vancouver
F04 Delta A321 Charleston @GeneralKenobi
F05 Delta A320 Savannah @travelingcornstalk
F06 Delta A319 Austin
F07 Delta BCS3 Chicago @MANDELA
F08 Delta A319 Nashville
F09 Delta BCS3 Orange County
F10 Delta 757-200 Sacramento
F11 Delta A320 San Jose
F12 Delta A330-300 Orlando
F13 Delta A321 Tampa
F14 Delta A319 Jackson Hole @Aiden_Hodges
F15 Delta BCS3 Newark
F16 Delta 717-200 Charlotte
Concourse G
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
G01 Delta A330-900 London Heathrow @poncho41
G02 Delta A350-900 Seoul @the_ding
G03 Delta A330-300 Amsterdam @OrlandoForever
G04 Delta A330-300 Phoenix @PhorzaSky
G05 Condor A330-900 Frankfurt @XXTHUNDERDOMEXX
G06 KLM 787-9 Amsterdam
G08 Delta A350 Munich
G09 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik @the_abducted_prince
G10 Delta A330-300 Honolulu @Ryan_15
G11 Westjet 737-800 Edmonton @Lufthansa1
G12 Delta B767 Honolulu @Flyin.Hawaiian
G13 Delta A321 Los Angeles
G14 Delta A321 Denver @RLX_dante
G15 Delta A321 Boston
G17 Delta 737-900 Seattle
G18 Delta A321 Phoenix
G19 Delta 717-200 Philadelphia
G20 Delta A321 Salt Lake City @SharkWreck
G21 Delta 737-900 Montego Bay @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
G22 Delta 737-900 San Francisco
Concourse H
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
H01 Sun Country 737-800 San Francisco
H02 Sun Country 737-800 Los Angeles @CaptainEthan_Stuart
H03 Sun Country 737-800 Liberia
H04 Sun Country 737-800 San Diego
H05 Sun Country 737-800 Punta Cana
H06 Sun Country 737-800 Fort Lauderdale
H07 Sun Country 737-800 Norfolk
H08 Sun Country 737-800 Burlington
H09 Allegiant A320 Asheville
H10 JetBlue E190 New York
H11 Frontier A320 Denver
H12 Southwest 737-700 Denver
H13 Sounthwest 737-700 Midway
H14 Southwest 737-700 Nashville
H15 Sun Country 737-800 Denver
H16 Sun Country 737-800 Cancun

Ground: @jacrock

Tower: @jacrock



Minneapolis Center:

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21MAY23 | 1600Z | Charlotte Fly-Out @ KCLT

See Y’all There!!


This but to Montego Bay and on the 737-900

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Sure thing @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

Oh man that was tough. After 5 minutes of choosing a gate, I think I’ll take this one please!

And could I have it in an A220 please?


Would like this have this thank you!

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Unfortunately the only aircraft they fly there are the a319 and 321 would you still like the gate though?

@Lufthansa1 you bet

I’ll just take it in the A319 then :)

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Perfect see ya there!

Nice event! I will think about it to come. ;)

This please

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@Butter575 all signed up

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Can I request this route please, thanks.

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H02 Sun Country 737-800 Los Angeles
I would like to have this please.

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@Aiden_Hodges @CaptainEthan_Stuart

Your signed up

Got to beat @Flyin.Hawaiian
but Can I have this on a A330-300

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I’m looking forward to the event. I’d like this one please.

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@Ryan_15 @the_abducted_prince

Your signed up! See ya there!


Could I have this?

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Can I grab this gate?

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