[COMPLETED] 13FEB22 / 1300Z - Airport Too Small Alert! @ EIDW


Image Source: Man mysteriously dies aboard Aer Lingus flight - CNN Video


Okay, I know what you’re thinking, Dublin Airport isn’t really a small airport - well I mean, it’s not big but like… it has two terminals, so why did I name the event “Airport Too Small Alert!”? Well, if you think about it, if I have chosen a smaller airport for this event, it will have been very, very chaotic - but still, based on my perspective, this airport will still become a fish market so please maintain your professionalism, or else!

More About Dublin

Event Info

Airport: EIDW - Dublin Airport
Date and Time: 2022-02-13T13:00:00Z
Server: Expert Server

  • Please Mark As “Going” If You’re 100% Attending.
  • Please Mark As “Interested” If You Aren’t Sure Whether You Will Attend Or Not.


Frequency Controller
ATIS @JSRibs28
Ground @JSRibs28
Tower @JSRibs28
Center @CompetitiveDivide320

Runway Restrictions

Landing Runways: 28L or 10R
Departing Runways: 28L or 10R

Notes For ATIS Controller

  • Please select one runway listed above designated for take off/landing (depends on winds).
  • Runway 16/34 will be used as a taxiway.

Traffic Management

Chart Source: Taxiway - DUBLIN AIRPORT

Important Notes

  • Runway 16/34 will be used as a taxiway, which means no aircraft are allowed to take off or land on that runway.
  • To prevent ground collisions, consider taxiing on runway 16/34.
  • If the queue for departure on runway 28L is significantly long, consider taxiing on runway 16/34 as a shortcut.
  • Reduce Taxi Speed to prevent ground collisions.

Departure Board

Everyone Must Spawn In To Their Assigned Gates 10-15 Minutes Prior To Departure
Everyone Must Start Pushing-Back 5-10 Minutes Before 2022-02-13T13:00:00Z

Gate Terminal Destination Aircraft Airline Additional Notes Pilot
107 T1 Kastrup (3D) B738 Ryanair - @askrdl
108C T1 Edinburgh (3D) B738 Ryanair - -
109C T1 Porto (3D) B738 Ryanair - -
110C T1 Amsterdam (3D) B738 Ryanair - -
111C T1 Manchester (3D) B738 Ryanair - @KHAN_SAHAB
119C T1 Athens (3D) B738 Ryanair - -
121 T1 Eindhoven (3D) B738 Ryanair - -
122 T1 Brussels (3D) B738 Ryanair - -
123 T1 London LGW (3D) B738 Ryanair - @Cihan37
124 T1 Frankfurt (3D) B738 Ryanair - -
125 T1 Nice B738 Ryanair - -
126 T1 London STN (3D) B738 Ryanair - @CaptainBailey_T
127 T1 - - - Free Gate -
200C T1 Geneva (3D) A320 Aer Lingus New Livery/Old Livery @InfiniteFlightCrew
201 T1 Madrid (3D) A320 Aer Lingus New Livery/Old Livery -
203C T1 London LHR (3D) A320 Aer Lingus New Livery/Old Livery @centauridr
205T T1 Munich (3D) A320 Aer Lingus New Livery/Old Livery @TIGER_ANI
206T T1 Paris CDG (3D) A320 Aer Lingus New Livery/Old Livery @weirdo
207T T1 Helsinki A321 Finnair Occupied Free Gate @THEREALPROPILOT
311L T1 Riga (3D) A223 airBaltic Normal Livery/Special Livery @barrel
311R T1 London LHR (3D) A319 British Airways - @MikaL
312 T1 Zurich (3D) A223 SWISS - @Aviator_SG
313C T1 Doha (3D) B788 Qatar - @AviatorEgcc
314 T1 Abu Dhabi B78X Etihad - @KSM_King_Storm
315C T1 Toronto (3D) B772 Air Canada - @AviatorTT
317 T1 Istanbul (3D) A333 Turkish Airlines - @Neman_Rahmani
318C T1 Helsinki A321 Finnair Occupied Free Gate @Finnishboy
400C T2 New York EWR B752 United - @Aiden_Hodges
401C T2 Boston (3D) A333 Aer Lingus - @CaptainE
402C T2 Dubai (3D) B77W Emirates - @Mattflightsim
403C T2 Washington Dulles (3D) A333 Aer Lingus - @StevenFlightZBAA
404C T2 New York JFK (3D) A333 Delta - @SWA1997
405T T2 Toronto (3D) A321 Aer Lingus - -
406C T2 Philadelphia B772 American Normal Livery/OneWorld Livery/Old Livery -
407C T2 Keflavik (3D) B752 Icelandair - @HUMVEE
408C T2 Chicago A333 Aer Lingus - @Merky_AviationYT
409C T2 Addis Ababa (3D) A359 Ethiopian Fly-in From Dulles/Occupied Free Gate @RealLukejw
138L Stands Paris BVA B738 Ryanair - -
139R Stands Basel (3D) B738 Ryanair - @AviationZyYT
139L Stands Lisbon B738 Ryanair - -
140R Stands Mallorca (3D) B738 Ryanair - -
140L Stands Cardiff B738 Ryanair - -
141R Stands Berlin BER B738 Ryanair - @Jukker
141L Stands Barcelona B738 Ryanair - -
142R Stands Madrid (3D) B738 Ryanair - -
142L Stands - - - Free Gate -
130 Stands Gran Canaria B738 Ryanair - -
132R Stands Innsbruck B738 TUI - -
132L Stands Salzburg B738 Ryanair - -
133L Stands - - - Free Gate -
411C Stands New York JFK (3D) A333 Aer Lingus - @nOthing2seehere
412 Stands Stockholm ARN (3D) A320 SAS - -
413 Stands Barcelona A320 Aer Lingus New Livery/Old Livery -
414 Stands Birmingham A320 Aer Lingus New Livery/Old Livery -
415 Stands Edinburgh (3D) A320 Aer Lingus New Livery/Old Livery -
416 Stands Frankfurt (3D) A320 Lufthansa New Livery/Old Livery
417 Stands Oslo B738 Norwegian - @FirstOfficerLeon
418 Stands - - - Free Gate -


  • Please spawn in to your assigned gate 10-15 Minutes Prior To Departure, and please start Pushing-Back 5 Minutes Before Departure Time.

  • If ATC aren’t present, please use UNICOM professionally.

  • Use ATC properly.

  • Stay professional at all times.

  • If you receive a violation(s), please do not blame me. You may try to appeal them by PMing @appeals.


This one please!


Could I have a free gate (which ever one is the most appropriate) to Helsinki (EFHK) with a Finnair A321, please?


| 400C| | T2| New York Newark, United B757? Please and thank you


@Neman_Rahmani Done!
@Finnishboy Sure! Assigned you on gate 318C!
@Aiden_Hodges Done!

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Can I take this route please!


Sign me up for Dubai 🇦🇪


@askrdl Done!
@Ethan_Brown Done!


I’ll take this one please


Can I have this one.


|313C|T1|Doha (3D)|B788|Qatar

I’ll have this one.


Hello! I will be ATC as ground, tower, and ATIS. Thanks!

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Hi, I´d like to do this one

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Hi can i have this one

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Can I take 207T at Terminal 1? I’ll be flying an Ethiopian A350-900 on their irl route from Dulles to Addis Ababa with a fuel stop in Dublin. I’ll schedule my arrival from Dulles at 7:40am

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@Merky_AviationYT Done!
@CaptainE Done!
@AviatorEgcc Done!
@ButterAllDay [Answered Through PM]
@Jukker Done!
@RealLukejw Done! I assigned you on Gate 409C instead because the gate you requested before was too small for the A350. And please arrive at Dublin 30 Minutes before event start time. Thank You and See You There!


Man mysteriously dies aboard Aer Lingus flight - CNN Video

Looks like this imagine source wasn’t the best choice 😂

Jokes aside, really nice event you got here, sadly I can’t join.

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Hehe i can’t find a better image of Dublin airport than that

Anyways, Thank You! And No Need To Worry! You got more important things to do.

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Hey could I please have that flight?

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Done! See You There!