[Completed]13AUG22 / 1400Z Southwest Flyout in El Paso! @KELP

Indeed I did @the_ding

I’ll let you have ground if you like @the_ding

YAY! Thanks for joining!

oh, alright! thanks

im taking ground. :)

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Alright sounds good!

No problem I’ll do departure:

You can’t do tower and departure

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Well @RagonDragon

I know it’s weird

I’ll just do tower

10 More gates left! Get them while you can!

Is this on training or expert

It says in the tags beneath the title, this event is held on the training server ;)

Ok Then may I take the frontier flight to las vegas but change the route to orlando

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Yep sure thing thanks for joining!

@AmericanB772 none of that here

What? I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying?

They asked a question, and I answered it.

I very sorry about him @Jw2004 i hop he not trouble

@AmericanB772 what is that supposed to mean?