Completed (13 Attending, 30+ gates left) Let’s Celebrate Independence-4th of July Flyout Event @ KDCA - 041400ZJUL19

If it’s meant to be realistic Southwest doesn’t use gates 26-30 they use gates 1-9 in Terminal A and so does Frontier


Only the routes are supposed to be realistic

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Can I take gate 28 to MCO

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You certainly can thanks for joining

Ok, here’s what happens at DCA

  • Air Canada, Frontier, and Southwest operate Gates 1-9
  • Alaska, Delta, and United operate Gates 10-22
  • Amercan and JetBlue operate Gates 23-34
  • American operates gates 35-45
  • Trans States Airlines, Delta Connection, and American Eagle operate the Commuters.

I suggest you look at my previous event at DCA to see how things work.


Ok I will make changes


United CRJ700 to KORD please (Gate 17).

Gates have been changed so that flight is now gate 18

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I’ll take commuter gate 35O in a Crj-200 to KPHL

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Ok perfect

I’ll take gate 31

I will take an American gate to KRSW

If it’s DCA, I have to come. Gate 6 to KDEN please

Anyone still interested 4th of July is right around the corner

I will take gate 17 please

I will take gate 36-AA 738 to MCO

Ok you’re both signed up


Thank you very much

I’ll take gate 20 UAL E170 to IAH