Completed (13 Attending, 30+ gates left) Let’s Celebrate Independence-4th of July Flyout Event @ KDCA - 041400ZJUL19

This one of my first events so help me celebrate America’s 243rd birthday!

Calling all pilots to join us as we remember the day the U.S. first achieved independence.

Server: Training

Airport: KDCA

Time: 2019-07-04T05:00:00Z

NOTAM: *Everyone be professional and as always have fun

We will use gates 1-45

Gates 1-9

1- SWA 737 to MCO @JustinN626
2-SWA 738 to OMA
3-SWA 738 to MDW
4-AC CRJ2 to YUL @Matthew_20204
5-AC CRJ2 to OTT
6-FR A320 to KDEN @Airbus_737
7-FR A321 to KLAS
8-SWA 737 to FLL
9-SWA 738 to DAL @Michael_Czyz


10-AS A320 to SFO
11-AS 739 to KSEA
12-AS 738 to KPDX
13-DAL CRJ7 to LGA @alphaaviator101
14-DAL E170 to CVG
15-DAL A319 to DTW
16-DAL A321 to ATL @will_pugh
17-UAL A320 to DEN @Zach007
18-UAL CRJ7 to ORD @Aviation-21
19-UAL CRJ7 to EWR
20-UAL E170 to IAH @KGJT-9149
21-UAL 739 to SFO
22-UAL CRJ7 to CLE

Gates 23-34

23-JB E190 to CHS
24-JB E190 to BDL
25-JB E190 to MCO
26-JB A320 to BOS
27-JB A320 to FLL
28-JB A320 to SJU
29-JB A321 to PBI
30-AA A320 to RSW @Ryandyc
31-AA A320 to CLT
32-AA A321 to DFW
33-AA 738 to MIA
34-AA 738 to LAX

Gates 35-45

35-AA 738 to DFW
36-AA 738 to MCO @Armani_B
37-AA 738 to ORD @AAfirstofficer
38-AA 738 to MSY
39-AA A321 to DFW
40-AA A321 to PHX
41-AA 752 to LAX
42-AA 738 to MCO
43-AA 738 to OKC
44-AA 738 to CMH
45-AA 738 to GRR


35O: CRJ2 to KPHL @JeromeJ


I’ll take the Air Canada gate to CYUL

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Ok perfect I’ll add you now

Is this suppose to be realistic?

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I looked on Flightradar24 for the routes so I suppose it is

How about airline to gate? I’m pretty sure American holds the gates in the 30+


Oh I did not assign the Gates by airline, I only looked up the routes

If it’s meant to be realistic Southwest doesn’t use gates 26-30 they use gates 1-9 in Terminal A and so does Frontier


Only the routes are supposed to be realistic

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Can I take gate 28 to MCO

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You certainly can thanks for joining

Ok, here’s what happens at DCA

  • Air Canada, Frontier, and Southwest operate Gates 1-9
  • Alaska, Delta, and United operate Gates 10-22
  • Amercan and JetBlue operate Gates 23-34
  • American operates gates 35-45
  • Trans States Airlines, Delta Connection, and American Eagle operate the Commuters.

I suggest you look at my previous event at DCA to see how things work.


Ok I will make changes


United CRJ700 to KORD please (Gate 17).

Gates have been changed so that flight is now gate 18

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I’ll take commuter gate 35O in a Crj-200 to KPHL

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Ok perfect

I’ll take gate 31

I will take an American gate to KRSW