(Completed - 121 Attending - Partnered with Plane & Pilot, DLVA, SAVA, & LYVA!) A Huge John F Kennedy Airport Flyout @ KJFK - 282000ZJUL19

That’s a long one!

Yep I could become grade 4 but I don’t land enough cause I mainly do long/ultra long flights

The longest flight I’ve ever done was RKSI to KJFK

I don’t have the time to do short haul cause I run flights over school and over night

Oh that stinks. One of my favorite short-haul flights is KSFO-KLAX or KLAX-KSFO.

Wow, this is bigger than @Brent_A’s KLAX flyout!

Link to the event

My favourite route is a route I fly a lot from my home town

That’s like 2hrs long, right?

Yeah going to cyyz 2h going to cywg 2:20

I literally just flew it coming back from punta Cana on westjet

I have a community service event from 10-2 today and it’s a 40 minute drive. Gonna be close but I think I’ll make it!

No worries 😉

Make your fpl an fuel in advance

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Yup definitely will

Yes don’t be late because of that!!!

Do you use simbrief?

I do! It’s sooooo useful.

Yes I do but thru FPLtoIF

Some people won’t be taking off until 1 hour later

Yeah that’s what I mean. The actual SimBrief website looks too complicated to me…