[Completed] [12 attending] Kansas City Flyout @KMCI 191700ZMAY19


Why Kansas City

This Airport has a beautiful design and look to it and it doesn’t get much attention on IF so I decided to give this amazing looking airport a great event so join me in this fun event

Event Information

Server: Expert
Airport: KMCI
Time and Date: 2019-05-19T17:00:00Z
▪ Spawn in 10-15 minutes before we start
▪ Please request a route if it isn’t listed
▪ To keep it realistic Concourse A won’t be used
▪ Respect Unicom and other pilots


Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
31 Southwest 737-700 KOAK @GlobalFlyer1
32 Southwest 737-800 KLAX
33 Southwest 737-700 KMDW
34 Southwest 737-700 KSAT
35 Southwest 737-700 KLGA @JeromeJ
37 Southwest 737-800 KATL @Nathen_Magana
38 Southwest 737-700 KMKE
39 Southwest 737-800 KTPA
40 Southwest 737-700 KRDU
41 Southwest 737-800 KBOS @joshua_morrissette
43 Southwest 737-700 KIND
45 Alaska Airlines A320 KSFO
50 Delta 737-800 KDTW
52 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KSEA
56 Delta Connecton CRJ-700 KSLC
57 Delta Connection E170 KLGA @Sashaz55
58 Delta 737-800 MMUN @IF787
59 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KCVG
60 Delta 737-900 KMSP @Pilot_Waters
Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
61 United 737-900 KORD
62 Air Canada express CRJ-900 CYYZ @Matthew_20204
63 United A320 KIAH
64 United Express CRJ-700 KIAD
67 United Express CRJ-700 KDEN
68 United 737-900 KEWR
69 United Express CRJ-700 KSFO
72A Spirit A320 KLAS
73 Allegiant A320 KPGD
76 Frontier A320 KDEN @den.aviation
77 Spirit A321 KLAX
78 Allegiant A320 KSFB
79 American 737-800 KPHX
81 American Eagle CRJ-700 KDCA
82 American Eagle CRJ-900 KDFW
83 American 737-800 KCLT
84 American A320 KPHL
85 American Eagle CRJ-700 KORD
87 American Eagle CRJ-900 KMIA @NathanD
88 American 737-800 KDFW
89 Iceland Air 757-200 BIKF
90 American 737-800 KORD
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
Fedex 01 Fedex MD-11F KIND
Fedex 03 Fedex 777-200F KMEM @Captain_JR
Fedex 06 Fedex MD-11F KDFW @Lee88
Cargo 01 DHL 757-200 KCVG
Cargo 02 DHL 757-200 KCID

My other events

Note this will be my last event for a while

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Sign me up southwest to Boston SWA316

I’ll sign you up

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I’ll take the Southwest gate to Oakland! See you there!

Concourse B Gate 37 please.

I’ll have Gate 35 to KLGA. Southwest 737-700

@JeromeJ @GlobalFlyer1 @Nathen_Magana you guys are signed up

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Jeez, you have made a ton of events all happening around the same time period. I would suggest calming down, as it may get overwhelming 😂

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Hi. May I take a gate to SFO as a A320? Thx

United 739 to KORD please

Yes this is my last event for a while😂

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Only United express flies to KSFO so would you mind picking another gate and @IF787 you’re signed up

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Actually just realized I’m signed up for something else so nvm.

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Just heads up, but we do fly the a320 to and from SFO into MCI in the spring and summer.

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Still a lot of gates left so sign up if you can

Is Fedex 06 to KDFW still available? I would love to join this event in my home town

I’ll take this gate please

Can I get gate 57 please.

It sucks that this is at 20:00 on a sunday for my country because we have school on Sundays. :(

Put me down for this gate, thanks :)