[COMPLETED]11MAR22 / 1400Z |The Mega Tampa flyout @KTPA

Hey could I please have that flight?

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Of course!

You’re signed up

Thank you so much!

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Event is tomorrow! Just a little update, I am currently flying into TPA irl and we won’t get there till 3 in the morning. Depending on when I wake up, will determine if I make it. If I don’t make it on time, I’ll be flying a little late. Thanks for understanding and let’s get a few more singnups!

I’ll take this one

A11: Spirit A321| KTPA-KFLL|

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Signed up!

Event is only a hour away! @KSM_King_Storm @Matthew_30 @yenier_Rodriguez @skye @FirstOfficerErnest @RyMan

Hey could I please change my flight to that?

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The time says that the event is in 2 hours

Typo my bad

Alright just making sure I don’t miss it!

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Gate A14 United

A14 is spirit, a15-18 is United

I’m sorry, A15 B757 United

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All good, thanks for coming!

Do we spawn?

Not quite yet, we still got 1 hour

Oh okay, sounds good

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Event in 30 minutes!
@skye @Kyle7223 @FirstOfficerErnest @Matthew_30 @Ollie3az @KSM_King_Storm @RyMan @yenier_Rodriguez I think that’s everyone

Make sure to spawn 15-5 minutes early. Any violations are not my fault.
Safe travels!

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