[COMPLETED]11MAR22 / 1400Z |The Mega Tampa flyout @KTPA

Photo credit: Tampa International Airport - Wikipedia
Welcome to my first event, the mega KTPA flyout! Even though KTPA isn’t 3D, it’s still my favorite airport and probably the most underrated airport.
Time: 2022-03-11T16:00:00Z
server: expert


ground: @Kyle7223
Tower: @Kyle7223
ATIS: @Kyle7223

Airside A (JetBlue,Spirit, United

A18: United 737| KTPA-KSFO|
A17: United 737| KTPA-KSFO|
A16:untied 757:| KTPA-KDEN|
A15:United 737:| KTPA-KEWR| @Ollie3az
A14: Spirit A321| KTPA-KFLL|
A12: Spirit A321| KTPA-KFLL| @skye
A11: Spirit A321| KTPA-KFLL| @Matthew_30
A10:Spirit A320| KTPA-KDTW|
A9: Spirit A320| KTPA-KDTW|
A8: Spirit A320| KTPA-KDTW| @yenier_Rodriguez
A7:Spirit A321| KTPA-KACY|
A6: Spirit A321| KTPA-KACY|
A5:JetBlue A321| KTPA-KJFK|
A4:JetBlue A321| KTPA-KFLL|
A3: JetBlue A321| KTPA-KJFK|
A2: JetBlue A321| KTPA-KFLL|
A1: JetBlue A321| KTPA-KFLL|

airside C (southwest, Alaska)

C30: Southwest 737| KTPA-KHOU
C31:Southwest 737| KTPA-KPHX
C32: Southwest 737| KTPA-KPHX
C33: Southwest 737| KTPA-KPHX
C34: Southwest 737| KTPA-KFLL
C35:Southwest 737:| KTPA-KBOS
C36: Southwest 737| KTPA-KHOU
C37:Southwest 737| KTPA-KEYW
C38: Southwest 737| KTPA-KPHX
C39:Southwest 737: KTPA-KLAS
C40:Southwest 737: KTPA-KJAX
C41:Southwest 737: KTPA-KORD
C42: Southwest 737: KTPA-KFLL
C43: Southwest 737| KTPA-KHOU
C44:Alaska 737: KTPA-KSEA
C45:Alaska 737| KTPA-KSEA

Airside E (delta, Frontier, air Canada )

E62: Delta 757| KTPA-KATL @InfiniteflightproYT
E64: Delta 757| KTPA-KATL @FirstOfficerErnest
E65: Delta 757| KTPA-KATL
E66: Delta 757| KTPA-KATL
E67: air Canada 767| KTPA-CYYC
E68:Delta 737 | KTPA-KJFK
E69: Delta 737 | KTPA-KJFK
E70:delta 777| KTPA-KLAX
E71: air Canada 767| KTPA-CYYC
E72: frontier A321| KTPA-KLAS
E73: frontier A321| KTPA-KLAS
E74: frontier A321| KTPA-KLAS
E75: frontier A321| KTPA-KLAS

Airside F (American, British airways, Lufthansa, Westjet

F78: American Airlines 737| KTPA/KMIA
F79: American Airlines 737| KTPA/KMIA
F80: American Airlines 737| KTPA/KMIA @KSM_King_Storm F81:American airlines 737| KTPA-KJFK
F82: American airlines 737| KTPA-KJFK
F83: American Airlines 777: KTPA-KLAX
F84: American Airlines 777: KTPA-KLAX
F85:American airlines 737: KTPA-KDFW
F86: American airlines 737: KTPA-KDFW
F87: American airlines 737: KTPA-KDFW @RyMan
F88:British Airways 777: KTPA-EGLL
F89:American airlines 737: KTPA-KPHX
F90: British Airways 777: KTPA-EGLL


55: FedEx 777 KTPA-KMEM
57: FedEx 777 KTPA-KMEM
53: UPS md11 KTPA-KLAX
48: FedEx 777 KTPA-KMEM
42: UPS md11 KTPA-KLAX
49: UPS md11 KTPA-KLAX
50: FedEx 777 KTPA-KMEM
51: UPS md11 KTPA-KLAX

Spawn 15-5 minutes early
Provide your own flight plan.
Happy flying!

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Hey! Please follow the rules as the title should formatted like this
11MAR22 / ___Z Thee Mega Tampa Fly-Out

And why do you not have the Zulu time on the title?

I changed the Zulu, thank you

Just one last change ; the Zulu is 1400Z not 1400zulu the separation should be like this: 11MAR22 / 1400Z

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F87 to DFW please!

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Thank you, still learning :)


All signed up!

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Thanks see you then!

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Let’s get some signups, only 10 more days!


Gate E64, Delta 752
Delta 221VA
See you!

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All signed up!

Lets get a few more gates people, we only got 3

I would like to do the A8: Spirit A320| KTPA-KDTW|

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You’re signed up, thanks for coming!

Let’s get a few more signups!

Can I take ground tower and ATIS?

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Sorry for the mixup, but ground, tower, AND ATIS?

Yes sir, ground tower and ATIS

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Thissssss please

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