COMPLETED [11 Attended] Retro TWA/American St. Louis flyout @ KSTL 091630ZNOV19

Server: Expert

Airport: KSTL

Time: 2019-11-09T17:30:00Z

NOTAM: People may know this but if you dont here it is. TWA used to be one of the world biggest airlines until American bought it in 2001. It had over 10 aircraft in its fleet from Airbus and Boeing I had a idea to do a retro TWA/American flyout from its busiest HUB KSTL. This may be a bad idea but I believe it’s good. KSTL served as a hub from 1983 - 2009 for TWA and American thats almost 35 years. We cant just forget about what TWA used to be so here is goes.

All gates from Terminal 1 are from 2000 so Southwest will be included this is also the Airports busiest year ever.

All Terminal 2 gates are American Airlines gates from 2002 (Due to Americans international destinations

(For 727 use and 717 from Airtran as Southwest absorbed them)

Terminal 1 (Southwest and TWA)

E4 - B737 Southwest to New York (KLGA)
E6 - B727 Southwest to Dallas (KDAL)
E8 - B737 Southwest to Los Angeles (KLAX)
E10 - B738 TWA to Chicago (KORD) - @Captain_Merka
E12 - B738 TWA to Detroit (KDTW) - @anon46114754
E14 - MD80 TWA to Louisville (KSDF)
E16 - B737 Southwest to Memphis (KMEM)
E18 - B737 Southwest to Chicago Midway (KMDW)
E20 - MD80 TWA to New York (KJFK)
E24 - MD80 - TWA to Colorado Springs (KCOS) - @Emirates21
E26 - MD80 TWA to Austin (KAUS) - @BadPlane
E29 - B738 American to Seattle (KSEA)
E34 - B738 Delta to Atlanta (KATL)
E36 - B738 Delta to New York (KLGA)
E40 - TWA to Los Angeles (KLAX)

For the MD80 we will be using a 717 generic livery

Terminal 2

C15 - 763 AA to London Heathrow (EGLL)
C23 - 763 AA to Frankfurt (EDDF)
C27 - 763 TWA to Paris (LFPG)
C28 - B772 AA to Paris (LFPG)
C02 - B757 TWA to London (EGLL)
C12 - B757 TWA to San Juan (TJSJ)
B12 - B757 TWA to London Gatwick (EGKK) - @United2 (won’t depart until event is complete)
B16 - B738 TWA to St Maarten (TNCM) - @Plnelovr
A16 - DC10 TWA to Rome (LIRF)
A15 - B757 TWA to Cancun (MMUN)


C29 - B738 AAto Chicago (KORD) - @United423
C31 - A320 AA to Dallas (KDFW)
C33 - CRJ7 AA to Denver (KDEN)
C34 - DC10 TWA to Los Angeles (KLAX)
C30 - B738 AA to San Fransico (KSFO)
C24 - B738 TWA to Denver (KDEN)
C16 - MD80 TWA to Atlanta (KATL)
C10 - MD80 TWA to Houston (KIAH)
C06 - MD80 TWA to Charlotte (KCLT)
C02 - B738 TWA to Miami (KMIA)
B02 - DC10 TWA to Phoenix (KPHX)
B06 - B738 TWA to San Diego (KSAN)
B08 - DC10 TWA to Anchorage (PANC)
B12 - B738 TWA to Orange County (KSNA) - @KGJT-9149
B14 - DC10 TWA to Las Vegas (KLAS)
D20 - DC10 TWA to Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
D18 - MD80 TWA to Des Moines (KDSM)
A16 - B738 Delta to Portland (KPDX)

Additional gates to Carribean Islands and other airlines will be added later

Image of KSTL

Thank you

IS it possible to have a MD80 to KAUS?

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Thanks so much.

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Would you like the gate?

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Oh, yes, of course. I wouldnt make you change it otherwise.

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Ok thanks first attended hope for some more. I might take spot fro self

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can i have this flight?

so use an AirTran Livery? im confused.

You may also the 727 was the southwest plane at that time and AirTran is southwest now so that is the closest thing. And yes you may have that gate

Generic livery on the 717 for this flight correct?

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I’ll take this one, nice event!

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Can I do this instead of Colorado Springs?

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Yes you may

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The new gates are here 2 international and 6 Domestic have been added. Also, any questions about the event or flight times please ask me do not hesitate

May I have this gate please?, AAL785

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Yes you may thanks for attending for info about flight times. Also, if anyone wants a flight path please ask me i have a flight paths for every flight on here except for the delta to Portland.

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Most routes are added i am going to add the A gates later. The A gates will have different airlines like Delta and United. A gates will be added tomorrow.

Thanks for all those attending I will try to get it sponsored

Also, would any of you want it to be on Training or should I keep it on expert. Also, i will be gone for the next few days so i will be on this topic less just letting you know

Event is tomorrow would be cool if we could hit at least 10-15 people to join. All gates are set expert server respect unicom as there will be no ATC. Thanks

If the event is tomorrow, you need to fix the title. There’s also like 3 other events going on tomorrow.

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