[COMPLETED] 07MAR21 / 1600Z - Visiting the Smaller Rio de Janeiro Airport @ SBRJ

Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont Airport Flyout

Hello - Olá, and welcome to a flyout to one of my favourite all time airports in IF - Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont

Some information about the airport

Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont Airport is the second major airport serving Rio de Janeiro. It is named after the Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont.
It is located 2km for Rio de Janeiro city centre and right beside the famous Sugar Loaf mountain. It served 9.2 million passengers in 2018 and just serves domestic routes to other cities in Brazil. It is a focus for GOL Transportes Aéreos, Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras and LATAM Brasil.

The reason this is one of my favourite airports and that it really fascinates me is because it has one of the shortest commercial runways in the world despite 737’s and A320’s normally operating there. It’s runways, 02R/20L & 02L/20R are just 4,300ft long which make flying into this airport much more challenging and interesting!

Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont - SBRJ

Date and time: 2021-03-07T16:00:00Z

Rules and Recommendations

  • Spawn into your assigned gate with enough time to file your flight plan, configure your aircraft etc. etc.

  • Pilots must use FPLtoIF or simbrief or any other realistic flight planner to file their flight plans for maximum realism.

  • Departure procedures (SID’s) must be used in order to achieve smooth running of the event.

  • If IFATC is controlling this airport, please follow the controller’s instructions. Otherwise please use unicom respectfully.

  • Please keep a minimum separation of 3 nautical miles horizontal and 1000ft vertical at all times.

Of course let’s not forget to enjoy ourselves and have a good time ;)


Destination ICAO Airline Aircraft Flight Time Flight Number
São Paulo Congonhas SBSP GOL 737-800 1h 00m GLO1009
São Paulo Congonhas SBSP Azul ERJ-195 1h 00m AZU4001
São Paulo Congonhas SBSP LATAM A319 1h 00m TAM3109
São Paulo Guarulhos SBGR GOL 737-800 1h 00m GLO1077
São Paulo Guarulhos SBGR LATAM A319 1h 00m TAM3202
Campinas SBKP GOL 737-800 1h 00m GLO2194
Campinas SBKP Azul ERJ-195 1h 00m AZU4351
Curitiba SBCT GOL 737-800 1h 15m GLO2266
Curitiba SBCT Azul A320 1h 15m AZU4208
Navegantes SBNF GOL 737-800 1h 20m GLO2256
Florianópolis SBFL GOL 737-800 1h 25m GLO2238
Florianópolis SBFL Azul A320 1h 25m AZU4634
Porto Alegre SBPA GOL 737-800 1h 50m GLO2250
Porto Alegre SBPA Azul A320 1h 50m AZU4402
Cuiabá SBCY Azul A320 2h 20m AZU4513
Goiânia SBGO GOL 737-800 1h 30m GLO2254
Goiânia SBGO Azul A320 1h 30m AZU4204
Brasília SBBR GOL 737-800 1h 35m GLO1801
Brasília SBBR Azul A320 1h 35m AZU4195
Brasília SBBR LATAM A319 1h 35m TAM3045
Belo Horizonte SBCF GOL 737-800 0h 50m GLO2273
Belo Horizonte SBCF Azul ERJ-195 0h 50m AZU4118
Vitória SBVT GOL 737-800 0h 45m GLO2262
Vitória SBVT Azul ERJ-195 0h 45m AZU4070
Vitória SBVT LATAM A319 0h 45m TAM3122
Porto Seguro SBPS Azul A320 1h 15m AZU2467
Salvador SBSV GOL 737-800 1h 45m GLO2282
Salvador SBSV Azul A320 1h 45m AZU4633
Salvador SBSV LATAM A319 1h 45m TAM3118
Recife SBRF Azul A320 2h 40m AZU4146


Gate Destination ICAO Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate 1 Curitiba SBCT GOL 737-800 @candrej
Gate 2 Recife SBRF Azul A320 @Henrik003
Gate 3 Belo Horizonte SBCF GOL 737-800 @Tommy_Chadburn
Gate 4 Navegantes SBNF GOL 737-800 @Alexian61
Gate 5 Cuiabá SBCY Azul A320 @AviatorAlex
Gate 6 Salvador SBSV LATAM A319 @CaptainHugh
Gate 7 Brasília SBBR GOL 737-800 @anon52720224
Gate 8 Goiânia SGBO GOL 737-800 @Igor_M
Stand 9 São Paulo Congonhas SBSP LATAM A319 @Jakub_Astary
Stand 10
Stand 11
Stand 12
Stand 13
Stand 14
Stand 15
Stand 16
Stand 17
Stand 18
Stand 19
Stand 20
Stand 21
Stand 22

Thank you for reading and hope to see you there!



Wonderful flyout, glad to see a return to them 👀

I’ll take this gate please, should be a fun one



You got it my g


Hi for me pls the Recife flight if that is possible 😊😃🛫

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Great choice, that’s the longest flight from this airport! Adding ya now

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This plz boss

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No bother mate got ya

This one, please!

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Hey there! Really nice event you’ve organized there! Can you sign me up for this flight please?

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Can I have Salvador in the LATAM a319?

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Adding you now lads thanks for signing up

Count me in


No bother pal

A beautiful event at my home! I hope you enjoy the approaches to Santos Dumont a lot! This is a fun airport! I wish you a great event, maybe one day I can participate with you!

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Event is taking place tomorrow, many gates still available!

I’d like 2 gates for SBSP please, thanks!


No problem, thanks for signing up!

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Uh thanks for the info, I always depart sbrj heading SBGO and SBBR, thanks for the info, will be very useful to increase l e r e a l i s m

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