[Completed] 06JUN20 / 1900Z - Fun at Frankfurt! @ EDDF

Frankfurt Flyout!

Hey all! I hope everyone is staying healthy and at home. I wanted to organize a huge flyout for the community to take their mind of the chaos of the current crisis and focus on flying! I hope you guys will sign up, come along and have some fun! If you notice any mistakes please let me know! :)

Server: Expert

Time: 2020-06-06T19:00:00Z

Airport: EDDF/FRA - Frankfurt am Main

I am not responsible for Ghosts or violations you get during the event.
Respect all pilots on the airfield and in the airspace.
Use Unicom correctly
Follow all expert severs procedures and rules
Last but not least; Have Fun!

How to sign up

Please give me your Gate and Destination and I will add you! If you don’t see the route you want or it is already taken, let me know and i will sort it out! Ideally please Blockquote the gate.

Terminal 1A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
A1 Lufthansa Munich A320 @DennisG7
A11 Wizz Budapest A321 @bradgibbs01
A13 Lufthansa Hamburg A320 @LazyGuy222
A14 Swiss Zurich A320
A15 Lufthansa Boston 747-8 @Cole_Papenhausen
A16 Lufthansa Geneva CRJ9/A319
A17 Lufthansa Copenhagen A320 @Populeux_Music
A18 Lufthansa Funchal A321
A19 Lufthansa Chicago 747-8
A20 Lufthansa San Francisco A346 @Captain.Louis
A21 TAP Lisbon A320 @KindaTartySliceOfPie
A22 LOT Warsaw E190
A23 Lufthansa New York (EWR) 747-8
A24 Austrian Vienna A320
A25 Lufthansa New York (JFK) 747-8 @CheetahGaming_YT
A26 Lufthansa Naples A319 @Saharsh
A28 Lufthansa Nice A319
A30 Lufthansa Heathrow A320 @FloAviation
A32 Croatia Airlines Zagreb A319 @Pilot_Dave
A34 Lufthansa Hamburg A320
A36 SAS Stockholm A320
A38 SAS Copenhagen A320 @DannyHL
A40 SAS Oslo 737-700
A50 Lufthansa Los Angeles 747-8 @D-MELC
A52 Lufthansa Buenos Aires 747-8 @RicardoRickyTheodore
A54 Air France Santiago 777
A58 Lufthansa Tokyo (HND) 747-8 @DARKY
A62 Lufthansa Toronto 747-400 @SahyaQFFlyer
A66 Lufthansa Cape Town A340 @DanG387
A69 Lufthansa Delhi A380 @Karthik_Khosla
Terminal 1B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
B10 Aegean Athens A320
B20 Lufthansa Detroit A330
B22 Lufthansa Mumbai 747-8
B23 United Chicago 772 @Pingu
B24 Lufthansa Atlanta A330
B25 Qatar Doha A350 @charrison
B26 Ethiopian Addis Ababa A350
B27 Lufthansa Larnaca A320
B28 Egyptair Cairo 77W
B42 ANA Tokyo (HND) 77W @Aviation08
B43 United Denver 787-9 @Oskapew
B44 Air India Delhi 777 @Zuhair_Al-ajmi
B45 Reserved
B46 Singapore Airlines Singapore A380 @HerrMrSir
B47 Lufthansa Istanbul A320
B48 Lufthansa Jeddah A330
Terminal 1C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
C2 Lufthansa Birmingham A319
C4 Lufthansa Brussels A319
C5 Lufthansa Manchester A319 @Juan_Cruz_Gallego
C6 Air Canada Toronto 777W
C8 Singapore Airlines Singapore A380 @mariomartinsancho
C11 Thai Bangkok A350 @ILOVE7879-2.0
C13 EI AI Tel Aviv 787-8
C14 Air Canada Montreal 787-9 @Infinite_Josh
C15 Condor Las Vegas 767 @moonlightbae
C16 Condor Montego Bay 767
Terminal 2D
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
D1 Delta Atlanta 777-200LR
D4a Aer Lingus Dublin A320 @RYR
D4b Air France Paris A318
D5 Japan Airlines Tokyo (NRT) 787-9
D8a TUI Funchal 737

If you flight is not here I can swap them out. If it fills up remote stands will be used.

Terminal 2E
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
E2 American Dallas 777-200ER @CommonAviator
E5 Emirates Dubai 777-300ER
E6 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong A350 @vexzty
E9 Finnair Helsinki A321 @Finnishboy
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
F211 Lufthansa Cargo Cairo MD-11F @RoBroStar
F212 Lufthansa Cargo Hyderabad MD-11F
F213 Aerologic Mexico City 777-200F @JerseyAnt
F214 Lufthansa Cargo Toronto MD-11F
F215 Lufthansa Cargo Bengaluru MD-11F @Ritesh321
F216 Korean Air Seoul 747-8
F219 Turkish Istanbul 747-8
F220 China Cargo Airlines Shanghai 777-200F
F222 Air China Beijing 777-200F
F225 Asian Airlines Seoul 747-8F
F231 Air Bridge Cargo Moscow 747-8F
F232 Emirates Dubai 777-200F
F233 DLH Heathrow 757
F234 Lufthansa Cargo Chicago MD-11F
F235 Lufthansa Cargo Shanghai 777-200F @Elefanths
F237 Lufthansa Cargo Johannesburg MD-11F
F238 Lufthansa Cargo Singapore MD-11F

Event Partner - Nonstop Virtual

This event is partnered with Nonstop Virtual. Check them out Here!

NonStop Virtual Group is a professionally oriented Virtual Airline based on the German airline Lufthansa (which, due to copyright issues, we cannot share the name of), with a vibrant community and a helpful staff team ready to help you at any time. We aim to be professional in every aspect, as we dedicate our time to meeting your needs, expanding your experience and broadening your virtual horizons.

We offer over 6500 routes , with a mainline fleet of over 30 aircraft and 20 + available liveries. And with our codeshare network, we offer a total of 60 different aircraft for you to explore the world in.


Please can someone help as its gltching making all the text large

I think that’s how the text is

On the Preview its showing it Normal size though?

I’ll take gate B43 please :)

United doesn’t operate the 788 (at least in IF), so I’d like to swap it for the 789.

Callsign will be UVAL308 Heavy

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Maybe don’t have all of the text bold and emphasized?

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If i remove all the # it makes all the text bold so i think its a glitch.

@Oskapew Yep, i’ll add you!

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i want E2 American Dallas 777-200ER
Call sign AA1735
Thank you!

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Can i get this one? Flying for NSV!

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Any chance that gate B46 might get available?

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@CommonAviator @Elefanths you both have been added :)


Sure what flight would you like!

Oh, if it is not reserved I would like to do Singapore A380 (SQ25) from B46 please.

Sure however i thought Singapore flew from C gates? So there is currently a SQ A380 from C8 would you like that?

No, the C gates are not big enough for the 380 (at least in real life, apparently you can spawn in IF), and Singapore Airlines always uses B46 with their 380.

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Ok will add you know!

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Thank you! :)

here please

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Sure thing!

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Cool, can I get Gate 50?

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