[Completed] 06JUN20 / 1200Z - Huge Group Flight Event | Connecting the Two Oneworld Airlines Together! @ EGLL

Calling all British and American AvGeeks, AAVA and BAVA pilots and everyone in the IFC. I have decided to do a special AA and BA event style theme. These two airline are like brothers, I want to show this connection by doing a huge group flight event connecting these two aviation capitals.

Lets show our love for American Airlines and British Airways

Connecting American Airlines and British Airways together!

This event is connecting the two big oneworld carriers from London to Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 4.30.41 pm

Event Details!

Server: Expert

Airport: EGLL

Aircraft: British Airways and American B777-300

Time: 1200Z

Date: 6th June 2020

Notams: Please Respect all ATC and Rules. Please Spawn in 10 Minutes at the latest before pushback!

Airport Information


This route has been organised in advanced, please copy the flight plan thank you!

EGLL - RW09L - L09TL - 5131N/041W - D357D - UMLAT - WOBUN - WELIN - AKUPA - TIMPO - ELVOS - 5252N/129W - TNT - RODOL - TENSO - BELOX - REMSI - APSOV - PIKIL - 5700N/2000W - 5700N/3000W - 5600N/4000W - 5400N/5000W - NEEKO - ANCER - VBS - YVO - DUTEL - KARIT - HOCKE - FNT - DEWIT - HASTE - PMM - KUBBS - OBK - COTON - DBQ - KATES - ONL - BFF - OCS - URNUW - MLF - BERYL - NORRA - OVETO - BLD - 3456N/11617W - HEC - RESOR - ANJLL - CAANN - BOYEL - CRCUS - CFCGH - BASET - DOWNE - SHELL - FILBA - RW25R - KLAX

Flight Details!

Altitude: FL370
Takeoff Speed: 235kts
Cruising Speed: M 0.84
Ascent Rate: V/S 3500ft
Descent Rate: V/S 2500ft
Note: We start our descent into KLAX 35 Minutes before arrival

Every 45 Minutes we will climb FL330 then FL340, FL350, FL360 and FL370


Gate Assignment!

Note: We will be using Terminal 3 and 5 only!

Terminal 3
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
301 British Airways B777 @SahyaQFFlyer
303 American B777 @Rilej_aviation
305 British Airways B777 @vexzty
307 American B777 @Martin_Lorenz
309 British Airways B772 @787_Dreamgiver
311 American B777 @Joseph.Barnett
313 British Airways B772 @Chief_Beef
316 American B777 @Majed.2110
317 British Airways B772 @Dan.786
318 American B777 @Infiniteflightlover6
319 British Airways B777 @anon9682125
320 American B777 @ORD777flyer
321 British Airways B777 @Josh_aviation
322 American B777 @Dendenawesome_14
323 British Airways B777 @Infinite_Josh
324 American B777 @Captain-Baddywolf
325 British Airways B777 @Sam_Kiprotich
326 American B777 @dunny1203
327 British Airways B777 @Yan07
328 American B777 @Gabriel_Gava
329 British Airways B777 @champagnepapi
330 American B777
331 British Airways B777 @BillBFY
332 American B777
334 British Airways B777
335 American B777
336 British Airways B777 @Vijey_Surya
338 American B777
340 British Airways B777
342 American B777
Terminal 5A
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
501 British Airways B777
502 American B777
503 British Airways B777
504 American B777
505 British Airways B777
506 American B777
507 British Airways B777
508 American B777
509 British Airways B777
510 American B777
511 British Airways B777
512 American B777
513 British Airways B777
514 American B777
515 British Airways B777
516 American B777
517 British Airways B777
518 American B777
519 British Airways B777
520 American B777
521 British Airways B777
522 American B777
523 British Airways B777
Terminal 5B
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
532 British Airways B777
533 American B777
534 British Airways B777
535 American B777
536 British Airways B777
537 American B777
538 British Airways B777
539 American B777
542 British Airways B777
543 American B777
544 British Airways B777
545 American B777
546 British Airways B777
547 American B777
548 British Airways B777
Terminal 5C
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
552 British Airways B777 @Ty_Evans
553 American B777
554 British Airways B777
555 American B777
556 British Airways B777
557 American B777
561 British Airways B777
562 American B777
563 British Airways B777
564 American B777
565 British Airways B777 @Pingu
566 American B777

Extra Information!

VA/VO Sponsorships are appreciated and can be organised via PM

If you wish to change your aircraft we are happy to change it!

Priority Pushback Get To Pushback 5 Minutes Earlier

@Chief_Beef Leader
@SahyaQFFlyer Leader

Step Climbing Information!

Thanks to @Chief_Beef he has organised our step climbing. Please look at the information below!

Final Remarks!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to PM myself at anytime!

Hope to see you all there, See you in the skies everyone and also have a wonderful day!


First signup! I’ll take this one, thanks! ;)

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@Rilej_aviation I have signed you up see you there, meanwhile would you like some tea and crumpets before the flight?

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Sure thing. Thanks ;)

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Plenty of Gates Available! Come and Join the Fun!

Can i get 307 American ?

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@Martin_Lorenz Ok I’ve signed you up see you there

I’ll take this one please if you don’t mind. :)

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@vexzty Ive signed you up see you there. You also have priority pushback as the First 6 signups

Ah okay, thanks! See you then

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Thanks for signing up, I’ll see u at the event!

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Imma check if I can get a subscription of 6 months but I gonna sign up!

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Can I sign up for an American Airlines gate.

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i will take a gate please and can i change to a british B772er?

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@Ayano_Gudy @Joseph.Barnett @Chief_Beef I’ve sing you three up see you there

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Thank you very much

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Ain’t this a bit slow for a Boeing 777?

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Ok then we will make it mach 0.86

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Yeah…, you don’t wanna stall mid-flight ;)

Have a nice flight :)

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ok thanks, would you like to join us?