[Completed] 03MAY20 / 1800Z | Core-6 Joint Event Series 2020 | #1 | CRJ Dash To NYC @ CYYZ/KIAD/KORD

you can spawn back in and wait for a suitable time to pushback

Roughly about 90 arrivals into KJFK and 30 into KEWR with people still spawning in! Awesome turnout guys! Get ready to wake up NYC’s airspace

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This looks awesome guys!


Wheels are down at EWR!

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Remember: You can always go around! If not, youre getting ghosted! :)

Make good spacing happen please

That’s insane 🔥


^^ Feel free to post all of your awesome screenshots from IF and tracking 3rd party apps like LiveFlight! :)

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Thanks for the awesome event @Balloonchaser!!

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This event was insane guys! Thanks for all of you!!

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I’m still 7000 ft in the air, but this was a great event, thanks!


Thanks for the awesome event, see you soon in the skies 😁

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Thank You!

From all of us apart of the Core-6, thank you for joining us on our first event of this 4 part series! This event was a big success and I got so many compliments regarding how professional every pilot was during this event. Being apart of a massive event isn’t easy and sometimes things get complicated - but you guys just did a great job! In the next few weeks, we will be doing our 2nd event in this series. This event will be from NYC to London using widebody aircraft.

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