[Completed] 01AUG20 / 1700Z - Core-6 Joint Event Series 2020 | #3 | European Triangle @ EGLL

These events are always amazing. To see how many of us can come together and create such a large event is simply amazing. A thank you to everyone who helps put this event together and makes it happen. I can’t wait!



will take the A320 that’s why I choose this gate (:


AFKLM staff
Both legs and I’ll take the A319.


I’ll take this gate for AAVA please
Will be taking the A320 for both legs

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I’ll take both legs on the a320

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Announcement - IFATC Controlled Event

IFATC will be present within region for this event! Big Thanks to @Tyler_Shelton and the rest of the IFATC Team for an amazing schedule once again!

IFATC is the Expert Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controller Team. Join the over 500 professional controllers spread out from locations globally in the Expert Server controlling effort! Join IFATC Today


  • Trust Level 1 on the Community Forum in good standing
  • 14 years of age
  • Minimum stats to enter Expert Server (Grade 3)
  • All-time stats do not exceed 50% Level 1 Violation to landing ratio
  • Minimum of 500 ATC operations
  • At least 60 days since last Level 2 or 3 Violation
  • Valid email address

How do I join?

  • Ensure you meet ALL of the requirements above
  • Review the recruiting process HERE as well as the ATC manual HERE
  • Fill out an application at if-atc.com/application
  • Your application will be reviewed and accepted by a Recruiter
  • A Recruiter will contact you via PM on the IFC within 3-5 days
  • If qualified, the candidate will be sent a link that may be used once to complete the timed Knowledge Exam, a 25 question test that will evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of basic ATC procedures and commands
  • With a passing score of 80% on the written exam, the recruiter will schedule a Practical Exam to evaluate the candidate’s ability to efficiently control an airfield with 4-5 aircraft

American Maintenance TE1 I’ll take the A320
Thanks I’m excited always a fun event :)

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Roger. Are you with any VA listed above? What callsign will you be using?

ACVA500 A321 please :)

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ACVA858. Both legs with A321

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All gates have been updated

Hey there Balloonchaser! Sorry I am a little late for the signup since my work schedule got changed, I can attend now. If you can put me on UVAL, any gate with 739 please? Thank you so much! Sorry again for the late signup! And UVAL callsign is UVAL145.

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What is meant by “reporting will be enforced”? Does it mean you can be ghosted for not following instructions such as a go around given here?

Also can I do one leg only?

IFATC will be present so any form of trolling will not be accepted. Violations will be issued.

If Balloon tells you to go-around it will be for a logical reason. Lost separation, Aircraft on runway etc.

That should be fine :).

Oh I got confused because it also said use unicom lol

That is in the event of IFATC not being present. In that case IFATC Supervisors/ Moderators will be present to supervise 🙂

Well just realized I can’t attend anyways lol

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I’ll take this in the A321, please and thank ya!

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I’d like gate 511 please! UVAL352 737-800

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Sorry I can’t make it anymore :(

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