Complete the Qantas 737 livery

I’ve noticed on the Qantas 737 livery that the underside is unfinished, although this isn’t very important, I’d love to see the livery completed.

Source: Greens push to introduce Brisbane Airport curfew – Australian Aviation
As you (hopefully) can see there is the Qantas text logo (not sure what else to call it) between the nose and main landing gear. There is also the registration of the aircraft on the right hand side, which also isn’t in game.

I hope you vote for this small but important part of the livery to be added, thanks for taking your time to read this.

The texture mapping of older aircraft like the B737 family differs from those reworked models. Take the wing section as an example, anything painted on one side will be mirrored on the other side. So that’s why there are no wing registrations on them.
There are also some issues that prevent them from adding text and drawings under the belly.


Transavia got drawings under the belly

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Then hope more drawings on the belly can be introduced as IRL.
But wing regs on B738 are still a no as of now.

Isn’t it newer?

If you consider 2014 as “newer”, I guess so.

Oh. I’m sorry I must be wrong then. I always thought it was rather new.