(Complete!) St. Patrick's Day in San Jose! | Sponsored by BigBert10 | @ KSJC - 171930ZMAR19


Thanks! I’m excited.


Let’s get a sign up!


I’ll take Gate 22
However can fly to Fort Lauderdale in the 737-800


If only that was a real world route from San Jose :(

You can fly to Orlando instead :D


So, would you still like FLL? Because SJC-FLL is not a route irl


Let me look for a different one


Alright, take your time.


You could go to Orlando as it is a real life route from SJC and it is in Florida.


I’ll go to Midway KMDW


Sure thing!


I cannot attend this event any longer, sorry. Would’ve really liked to come as @dylan_m is the events mvp

@smax has told me he will take my gate in his place.


No worries. :) Thanks for the compliment! :)


Bumping this topic


Hi there, this is exciting! I’m the Terminal Manager for SJC. Can I take Gate 10?

Gate 17 isn’t a wide body gate so there’ll be some clashing there.


According to @BigBert10 it is, i’ll sign you up!


Attention all attenders

@GlobalFlyer1 and @BigBert10 will be the first to pishback for this event, since they are well known for their love of the airport.

Do NOT pushback until they have


Hey @BigBert10, so, because this is on a Sunday, and I work that day, I have to ask that I be removed, as I can’t attend while working on a Sunday.
I was the Omni Air DC-10 going to Manchester

Sorry, but I’ll still attend the one for ONT, as that’s on March 30th, which is on a Saturday and which I can attend.

I didn’t get the job that would’ve let me have the weekends off :(


I just support this event. @Dylan_M is the creator of this event XD

When I received the notification on my iPad, I thought to myself “There goes the cargo gate attendees from KONT” XD

Then I saw it was in this thread XD


Its okay. I have removed you.


Hopefully I’ll come to one of your other events, that’s if it’s held on a Friday or Saturday :)