(Complete!) St. Patrick's Day in San Jose! | Sponsored by BigBert10 | @ KSJC - 171930ZMAR19


I know who would’ve thought


Can I have a A KSJC-PHKO if possible because I’ll be in PHKO at the time it’s an Alaskan gate


Only Alaska flies to PHKO but unfortunately all Alaska gates are taken. What shall I do?


Well delta flies there via LAX so I could do that




Dang this event has just about been filled in a day! Amazing!


@ILOVE7879 your signed up for gate 6!


I’ll take terminal A gate 4!

Gotta do this event for my man Bert!


Yeah its incredible!


Sure thing Yacht!


Wow! In less then a day, we got 25 people signed up! Thanks for all this support!


It’s the BigBert flyout…
I’ve been waiting for this for a while and I’m glad I can fly to KATL.


Yes… it’s literally a flyout for BigBert lol…😂


I have set this topic to watching XD


Lol who would’ve thought


Bumping this topic. :)


Can we get a sign up? We havent had one in a long time.


I’ll take gate 15 or 16 at terminal A.

Delta 737-800


Finally! Thank you for attending!


I put you in Terminal A Gate 6 because 15 & 16 are only used for international flights. @Smax