(Complete!) St. Patrick's Day in San Jose! | Sponsored by BigBert10 | @ KSJC - 171930ZMAR19


@CaptDan has already asked for gate 30. Could you choose a different gate?


@baseball_inferno ok.
@Delta319 your all set!
@CaptDan your signed up!
@Plane-Train-TV what do you mean by that?


@Dylan_M Gate 17 to Tokyo please!

Been to KSJC many times when I was a kid,loved seeing the planes pass down low at Rotary Park!


Your signed up!


I’ll take Terminal A gate 1 please


Your signed up!


Thanks!! See you there


Could you move me and Bert together


So should I sign up Bert for the same destination as you?


We will most likely not be going to BWI as that flight isn’t happening right now. Can you put TBD?


Sure thing.


Oh okay, my mistake, may I take gate 24 but change the destination?




Alright, I would like to change that to destination to KMCO


Your signed up!


Thanks! See you guys there!


I’ll take the BA 787 to Heathrow please.


Your signed up!


I’ll take gate 8 to Denver


Wow, what a surprise 😂. Your signed up.