[COMPLETE] RAF Fairford Air Tattoo 2019 @EGVA 201300ZJUL

RAF Fairford Air Tattoo 2019


[OLD THREAD](Couldn’t edit the old thread) [AIRSHOW] RAF Fairford Air Tattoo Event @EGVA - 20/211400ZJUL19

What is RAF Fairford Air Tattoo?
This event takes place every year near Swindon at RAF Fairford where lots of displays take place. This event is international, and people from all over the world come to watch this event every year. People from Canada, Spain and Italy’s military come show of their displays! It’s a once in a lifetime experience to watch and see these amazing aircrafts and display teams.

About Us

We are a two guys which have a passion for making the community events which will help them encourage their future in aviation. Currently, we are making events for our community, to fulfill their enjoyment with us, it will be an Airshow your never forget.

Aerobatic Event Leaders

Events Leader


Co-Events Leader


Event Details

Our main priority is making this event the best for our spectators, and also our display teams. We will help maintain good timings, and also good maintain ability throughout the event so that our spectators enjoy and we hope you come back to us again.

Server: Casual Server

Airport: EGVA (RAF Fairford)


NOTAMS: Please do not take off, unless given permission by the Event Organisers (@Ben_W and @James_Harvey). Please also do not exit your spectator gate, as this will cause interruptions during the event, which may lead to a couruption of the Airshow.

@Tyler_Shelton will be enforcing a NOTAMS in the airspace during the two days at the event, so that no trolling, or invasion can take place. This will encourage more publicity, and extra excitement during the Air Tattoo!

Live Commentary And Music
This will also include LIVE commentary on Aircrafts and LIVE music on the day of the event. To include this, please join this discord server, and proceed for more information regarding the event near the time.

Discord Server
This will be used for anouncments, music and other exiting things before the event!

Discord Code: Request a Gate for Link (Event Use Only)

Spectator Gates


Offical Schedule

Times are in BST (British Summer Time)


Sponosored by WorldWide Magazine


Sponsored by IFCAS Council Of Airshows

For any enquiries/questions/concerns please join our discord which is linked in this thread


I went to the IRL event last year - it was incredible.

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Can I have a spectators gate please?

Reserving for both days.

Can I have a spectator spot? BRAVO 14. What aircraft should the spectators spawn in btw?

Would be cool if we all spawned in fighter jets, definetly would look amazing in the pictures.

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Very true, I’m probably going to spawn in a f-22 or f-16 haven’t decided yet

can i have a gate (don’t mind what one) on the Saturday please??

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Everyone who’s has requested a Spectator Gate can come on either days, or both doesn’t really matter.

Check your Gate assignments now.

Join our discord server aswell! You may spawn in any military aircraft

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Unfortunately, I have realised that I can no longer attend due to holiday where WiFi will be limited. So please give my place for someone who can make it and enjoy the full experience 🙂

That’s alright! Hope you enjoy your holiday!

Peformers Gates Open


Two display Gates have become available, first come first serve for your peformance to be showed to your IFC!

Times: Satuday 20th July 15:25Z-15:40Z or 15:45-16:00Z

Times: Sunday 21st July 15:25Z-15:40Z or 15:45Z-16:00Z

You may request either Saturday or Sunday or both!

Peformer Gates [RESERVED]


Unfortunately all of our gates for display teams are full and have been reserved for a special dispalay team!

Spectator Gates [OPEN]


However you may now book a Spectator gate to watch these amazing displays on either Saturday 20th July or Sunday 21st July or both! Book now before they are all gone, you won’t wanna miss it trust me!

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I guess its time to #Send the IFCAS Viper Demo Team over to RIAT this year eh.

Are there any available slots for performing on the 20th?

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I’ll offer you the timings for Saturday 20th July 2019:


Please confirm this is appropriate or you want to change ya of the timings.



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These are perfect time slots. Thank you very much for squeezing us in.

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Oh, also I fly with @Scott_Ellis_Paddon in the Air Force heritage flight program here at IFCAS, so preferably the slot after his performance I’d like to use for the viper demo + the heritage flight.

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For Sunday just for you and Scott?

I have booked in your demo team for Saturday only.

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Saturday, immediately after Scott’s spitfire display.

Basically how we do it is, he would stay airborne after his display and I would do mine then we would form up for a heritage flight then land.

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Okay, however you Viper Team is booked for that though?

Please name your aircraft being used.

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F-16 Fighting Falcon (Viper)

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