*Complete* Queen of the Skies Event: Landed

Attention everyone, I am holding an event. This event was originally planned to celebrate the launch of the 747 last year, but I fell suddenly ill. Back then I was COO of BA VA so it is largely based around BA.
Basically this event celebrates the 747 and the beauty of British Airways, it was originally BA launch flight. We will be flying EGLL-EGBB-EGLL. So, in other words, we start at Heathrow, touch and go at Birmingham, and back to Heathrow. I would appreciate a Master of Flight arranging and leading the route if possible, probably someone from IFEP, since I’m an awful pilot!
We will have a wide range of aircraft - I need to find out who is coming so that I can arrange the order of takeoff and formation.
You can come in the following A/C but let me know if you want to use another as the list is not definitive.
These are needed to escort us, mainly the big airliners at the front which are representing BA.
F/A 18

Wide-Bodied Airliners
These are cruical, as they are the main focus of the event, leading us. Experienced pilots please.
BA 747-400
We are only having 747 on this event as it is about the 747!

Small Airliners
to flag the larger airliners
BA Embraer ERJ190

General Aviation Craft
Feel free to use a Cessna 172. Alternatively you could come in Cirrus SR22 please use the red livery. (3)
Please note these small craft will be at the back of the formation

Formation/Flight Plan Info So Far
@2345 Is organising our flight plan and formation. At the moment we will go to Birmingham and all aircraft except certain special craft and fighters will touch and go. We will PM you with details of if you need to touch & go or not.

I hope this is of use.
Event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday this week at 6:30PM GMT London time. Please check back for updates.


Hey there everyone, I’m looking for 2 people to help me lead this event. I am by no means an expert so need some people to help me sort the route out and lead the flight. Please post if interested. Thank you.

Which server will it be on?

Yes I will join😀

Sorry should have mentioned this. We will be on ATC Playground Server

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Which aircraft do you plan on taking? I need to plan the formation. How experienced are you?

I will help lead

I’ll take an Embraer 190 may switch , need to think of it

And, I just began flying 1 week ago, and have 10k exp, is that fine ?

Can we us ethe 747-8

747-400 I’ve got 80,000 exp

That would be great could you fly a 747-400 in BA Livery? Or it might be a Cessna 208 we’ll have to see. Could you please generate a potential flight plan? Thanks.

Yes, 747-8 is allowed, but only in Boeing livery or Infinite Flight (If there’s a livery for that…) Since we want to stick with BA. Thanks.

That should be absolutely fine as long as you have the Embraer. The ATC Playground Server only needs 5k XP and 50% standing.

Sure we will see what I will fly in later my call sign is n868db I will go generate a flight plan

Thanks man that’s of great help. With you leading I’m not sure on aircraft. A a cessna 208 would be great to let you go in front of the main 747 and show everyone where to go, but then again, being in a 747 would give you authority. I’ll have a think about the formation plan.

The image

I am IN … 😁
what time is it anyway on GMT+8 ? 😂

Currently 3AM Wednesday!!!

Thank you, I’ll load this up now and take a look.

I will figure out formation how about you’re in a Cessna 208 and I’m in a 747