[COMPLETE] Portland International Jetport Flyout @ KPWM - 161730ZAUG18

Date: August 16, 2018

Server: Training Server 1

Airport: KPWM

Time: 1730Z

Times in Other Time Zones (USA)
1:30pm EDT
12:30pm CDT
11:30am MDT
10:30am PDT

NOTAM: If ATC is present, Please follow all directions. You must spawn in with proper aircraft. Aircraft no larger than the MD11F may spawn in PWM

Source: http://www.turnerconstruction.com/experience/project/2CCD/portland-international-jetport-terminal-expansion

Welcome to Another Fly Out Event hosted by Me!

My first successful Fly Out was at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport! I continue the New England Fly Out by picking Small, never used airports, and give them life by hosting an event!

Today’s Airport Choice: KPWM - Portland International Jetport

Please Note that PWM does need a Rework. There are gates that must be added (Gate’s 1 and 11), and there are many missing stands for General Aviation

PWM is a Major Airport that handles most of the flights in Maine in front of Bangor Int’l Airport. PWM is a Gateway to Portland, ME and to Maine in General.
We will be flying Real World Routes Out of PWM, so we can do a bit of realism! I hope you join!

Commercial Gates

NOTICE: The Airport will need a Rework, as there are Eleven (11) Gates at PWM, but only Gate’s 2-10 accommodate large enough airplanes. Gate’s 1A-1B will not be used

Gate 2: @AlaskaAir (UAL1235) | United Airlines | Boeing 737-800 | PWM-IAD
Gate 3: @Daniel_Cerritos | United Airlines | Airbus A320 | PWM-EWR
Gate 4: @Plane-Train-TV (WN1719) | Southwest Airlines | Boeing 737-700 | PWM-BWI
Gate 5: @SF34 | Frontier Airlines | Airbus A320 | PWM-DEN
Gate 6: @BHXFlyer (JBU207) | jetBlue Airways | ERJ190 | PWM-JFK
Gate 7: @Sebastian9915 (DLVA - DL243) | Delta Air Lines | ERJ170 | PWM-JFK
Gate 8: @xSev | Delta Air Lines | Airbus A319 | PWM-ATL
Gate 9: @Gaby_Burnei | American Airlines | Airbus A320 | PWM-PHL
Gate 10: @SkysTheLimit87 (AAL2234) | American Airlines | Airbus A320 | PWM-CLT

Cargo Gates

NOTICE: Due to Infinite Flight not having a FedEx 757, it will instead be substituted for the MD-11F

FedEx Express 1: @Playr_Mar (FDXVA - FDX81) | FedEx Express | DC10F | PWM-MEM
FedEx Express 2: @TenMileJones (FDX55) | FedEx Express | MD11F | PWM-IND
FedEx Feeder 1: CLOSED | FedEx Feeder | C208 | PWM-BGR
FedEx Feeder 2: CLOSED | FedEx Feeder | C208 | PWM-BDL
FedEx Feeder 3: @Krunchy_Toast | FedEx Feeder | C208 | PWM-PQI
FedEx Feeder 4: @Simon_Joshua (AF127) | FedEx Feeder | C208 | PWM-MHT

General Aviation

North Apron GA: @hi15td

Air Traffic Control

Ground: @Rynjil_H
Tower: @Rynjil_H
Departure: @Calib_Wilson
Approach: @Calib_Wilson

I hope to see you all at this event next week on Thursday!


May I please have gate FedEx Express1?
I’ll be reppin the FDX-VA.
Callsign: FedEx81
Thank you.

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You now have reserved the spot :). Thanks for joining!

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Gate 8 please, nice to see a flyout from a non-major airport


Yes, I will be hosting Fly Outs in small airports in New England first before heading to other airports in the US. Most will be small regional airports.

I am planning my next airport event for a couple of weeks out of another New England Airport

Also, you now have Gate 8! Thanks for joining :)


FedEx Feeder 1 to KBGR please.

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You now have Spot 1 for FedEx Feeder! Thanks for joining :)

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I sure hope to see you out here in the Wild West. 😂

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Can I have the North GA apron in a C172 to KBGR, and I was wondering maybe we could work together to host the Bangor Flyout, if that one would be next

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I’ll take Gate 7 to KJFK, DLVA243
See ya there!

General Aviation has now been taken!

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@Sebastian9915 you now have Gate 7!

I have also added ATC for both Ground and Tower!

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I might fly or be ATC. I’ll tell you tomorrow. For now put me down to BWI

Sign Me For Gate 9 Please!

I’ll take FedExpress 2 callsign Fedex55

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Thanks for joining! We still have plenty of Gates open!

Sign me up Frontier Flight 515. Thanks.

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You’re now in the roster! Thanks for joining :)

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Is it possible to change to gate 2? If so could I be United 1235. Thanks.

Your gate has been changed to Gate 2

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