(Complete) My next event

Hi, I’m planning my next event and I want to do a event at a smaller airport that no one really flies to so vote in the polls below


  • Tunis (DTTA)
  • Oranjestad (TNCA)
  • Zagreb (LDZA)
  • Auckland (NZAA)

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Type of event

  • Fly out event
  • Fly in event
  • Group flight event

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  • 1500Z
  • 1700Z
  • 1900Z

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  • 2 June
  • 9 June
  • 23 June

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Thanks for voting these polls will close in 24hrs

Cool airports! I wouldn’t do the event on the 2nd of June due to finals. The 9th or 23rd are better suited.

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Thanks, I wanted to do airports that doesn’t get noticed by many on IF

My events on the 22nd so yeh rip

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Polls close in 11hrs


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Polls close in 5 hours

with 3hrs to go it looks like Auckland will take this one

1 hour left to vote

@Matthew_20204 I’d like to request an airport that’s not up there. In celebration of British Airways’ new route to my hometown (KMSY), I’d like you to do a KMSY - EGLL route on the British Airways 787-800. If not, Auckland would be awesome lul.

The poll is almost closed so I’ll add it in my next event poll

My next event will be at Auckland Airport on the 23rd of June at 1900Z
Thanks to all who voted

When will the thread be up so I can join! And hopefully not crash on takeoff this time like I did at KSEA. XD

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Maybe this weekend or next weekend I don’t know

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