Complete madness at Socal PG tonight

It was just out of control at LAX and Socal tonight. I was feeling sorry for ATC actually. Well…some ATC. When center asks for “my intentions”… And I say “request vector to PSP (since their isn’t a better phrase to say) please don’t tell me to expect vectors to SAN. I don’t wanna go to SAN. That’s why I filed flight plan to PSP.
I really get tired with the pilots that just ignore ATC…like the plane on my wing tip heading for LAX 25R and…wasn’t cleared and ignoring ATC and…the one taking off and cleared me by about 200 feet. Really wish there could be something done… Like LAPD in F16s. “Pull it over”! Or… Land immediately and the nearest airport and show me your commercial cert”! :-)

Come on serious pilots… Get on the advanced server and let the goofs goof around PG! Advanced needs more traffic to make it more realistic!!!


Exactly, come on serious pilot, let’s make Advanced Alive!

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It was alive earlier today at Amsterdam. And I couldn´t go sadly.

Make Advanced Server Great Again


What else is new about PG?


MaxSez: “Make Advance Great Again” “Alive”. Never happen as long as you loose standings for minor violations like overspeeds with a short clock, no audible warning when the autopilot drops off line speriously, insufficant pilot to ATC comm responses, failure to field a full node to include ground, tower, approach, departure and center etc. Follow the in App ATC Staffing (airspace staffing) Chart, it tells the tail.


I second you with the lack of controlers, we need the five positions occupied if we want Advanced to run efficiently.
But there’s always the lack of time.

Guys PG server is for those who are learning BOTH ATC as well as pilots building more experience. Those who want to goof around and ignore ATC go to the free flight server. Otherwise use that report user button!!


You serious guys put out an invite anytime to populate the advanced server and I’ll fly with you.

Playground mods am I right

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When isn’t it??

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Good idea, I’m gonna do that tonight. Listen to tower and intercept aircraft that are landing runway 09 at KSAN.

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I was using the report bttn big time on advanced today. Some punk speeding up and slowing down…matching my alt…on a flight to Honolulu this morning. I did a 360 turn just before approach to let him be #1 on final…and then the little f***r just sat in the middle of the runway ignoring ATCs turn right command. I still landed just to not give him the satisfaction of making me go around. Finally had a good amount of flights in Hawaii on advanced… and I hwve to deal with that SB ARGGGGGH!!!

I feel your pain! So frustrating when having to deal with idiots like that!!

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