[complete!] Long Beach Fun! @ KLGB - 181350ZSEP18


Only a few more days away until the event, I’m so exited! If you wanna sign up, hurry up and do so now! As I will be away for the weekend I won’t be able to confirm until I get back.


How are you doing @SkysTheLimit87
Regrettably I will be unable to represent the FDXVA in this event. Please remove me and I’ll see you at the next one. 👍🏿👍🏿


Ok, I’ll remove you right now.


could I go to sfo if that’s okay


Yea that’s fine with me


Okay I’ll be ual 12 thank you


I’ll take Gate A6 callsign JetBlue 575


Your in, thanks for attending!


I will be flying in from from SFO in the 787-8. Can I have Boeing 3 pls? I will be heading to To KSEA


Oh yea, My callsign is LP9


Sorry, your in! I’m exited to have you here!


If I did not have homework, I would be able to come.


Sorry to see you can’t make it :(


Just saying, this is not today, it’s tomorrow becuase today is the 17th


Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize. I’m so dumb, I will change the information


Your not dumb, just a mistake.


Yea, it was a mistake. Sorry everyone!


I’ll do everything I can to make it.

I’ll take AA to KPHX if that’s still available.


UPS gate 1 please md-11f


Put me down for Boeing gate 2 737-800 if possible please