[complete!] Long Beach Fun! @ KLGB - 181350ZSEP18


It is an issue for me


Sorry for that, I will most likely push it. Is their a time that is better?


I am sorry, but I cannot move the event as I have planned around that time. I am sorry you can’t attend.


Ok I can’t make it sorry.


I get it. Hopefully you can make it to my next event.


@SkysTheLimit87 I could try to sneak it in during Math… But no. Sorry I cant come ):


Sorry. My next event I’ll plan it out better.


flying to Denver?

fly Southwest

Denver flights now available.


Your in! Thanks for attending!


Hi due to the time and date change I’m unable to attend now


Sorry you can’t come. Hope to see you at my future events.


I’ll sure attend. Flying over now!


It’s next Monday lol, if you wanna attend please list a gate


the 777-200 er cant fit there


Would love to come but I can’t, sorry!


That’s fine, glad you find the event fun!


If u need atc I’ll gladly do it


All our ATC is filled, can I offer you a gate?


Okay I’ll take A4 thank you


Your in!!! Thanks for attending!