[complete!] Long Beach Fun! @ KLGB - 181350ZSEP18


Sure! Your in! Happy to see you there!


Also I was wondering if I could do a demo for everyone with the f-16


I don’t recommend doing that. You’ll likely get a speed violation.


Keep it safe but I don’t see why not.


@Dylan_M I had to change the time, you can sign up now!!



I had to change the time due to me going camping that weekend, and not having access to my phone, if you must cancel, you can.


I believe the 18 th is a weekday, I can’t come still


Aww ok, sorry you can’t come :/


I might be able to, as long as the are no tests or anything.


Shoot. I need to check my Calendar to see if I can come. I don’t know as my week is hectic


Dang if it was 2 hours later I would be able to. But I can’t since I would still be in school


I may not be able to make it because of work but I’ll do my best. I’ll let u know when we get closer to the date.


Ok guys, just keep me informed and hope you can make it.


I know for sure I can’t make it cause I am in school. But if you moved it to an 1 and 30 minutes or more later I will for sure be able to make it


Maybe I will, I’ll run a survey: should I push the time folward?

  • Yes
  • No

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Ok Great!!! Hopefully it works out


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Are you going to change the time at all?


Ill take the JetBlue flight to Austin


Ok, your in!!

@DEN_Airport it is at 4:30 EST, is that an issue?